What is the Library?

Library Overview The Library organizes all of the published content (Files, Huddles and Learning Paths) that have been built in your company’s instance. SalesHood premium content, including huddle templates (Competitive Battlecard, Product Playbook, etc.), can be found in the Library as well. You can navigate to the content library by clicking the Library tab […]

Modules in a Huddle

Modules are sections within a Huddle used facilitate learning around a particular topic. There are 6 module types: Video, Exercise, Pitch, Link, Test and Plugin (LMS/SCORM eLearning Content). You can set any module as optional, which means that it will not affect the participant’s completion/scores in the Huddle: Video Module Video modules […]

How are the user roles defined?

Individual: This is the basic role within SalesHood, typically assigned to reps. Users with this role are Participants in programs. This role contains no administrative or content creation privileges. Manager: As the role states, this role is typically assigned to Managers (a user with a team of reps). This user […]

SalesHood Release Notes – Wednesday | 11.01.2017

We’re pleased to introduce the following new SalesHood features and improvements to make your organizations more productive and to improve your SalesHood experience. Standardized Role and Object Names Roles, labels, and object names are now consistent, simple, and intuitive. The tables below outline the updates: Roles Current Name New Name […]

Automatic Speech Recognition

SalesHood announced the release of Automatic Speech Recognition services to help companies share knowledge across teams and employees faster and more consistently. SalesHood’s automatic transcription services powers real-time, experiential knowledge sharing. SalesHood now transcribes all audio from video into text. The transcription of spoken words or dialogue in video makes […]

Configure SAML on Okta in Production Environment

Instructions for installing and configuring SalesHood to use SAML on Okta in your SalesHood Production Environment. Step 1: Add SalesHood Application When you have logged into your Okta account, search for “SalesHood” on the Okta Admin dashboard: Step 2: Add Your Company’s Subdomain * This will be only the subdomain name and not […]