SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management Application

Introduction The SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management Application allows you to prescribe content in context at the right stage of the opportunity, within the opportunity page in Salesforce. The App fetches specified Salesforce field values and queries the SalesHood Content database for documents that have been tagged with those field values or […]

Editing a published Huddle

To edit a Huddle, click [Edit] on the bottom of the Overview page. After a Huddle is published, certain sections/fields within the Huddle can be edited while others cannot. Fields that cannot be edited are restricted because they affect the responses, answers, and grades of users who have participated in the huddle. […]

General SAML Guide

Step 1: Create a new SAML app from your identity provider (IdP) (or search for the SalesHood SAML app, should it be available) Step 2: Input the application’s information (name, description, logo) Step 3: Update the app setting by inputting the Assertion Consumer Service URL or Single sign on URL for the […]

Using the search function

Our search results page allows users to search and see a list of files and programs (Huddles and Pitches) across their company’s instance in SalesHood. To use this feature, follow the steps below: Step 1: Type a keyword in the search bar at the top of your homepage. Step 2: On […]

How to schedule Learning Path reminder alerts

Hosts and Coaches can schedule daily/weekly reminders for Scheduled (due date) Learning Paths. Participants will receive an email highlighting their completion progress, current ranking, and the next task to complete. Here are the steps to schedule a Learning Path reminder: Step 1: Click on the Admin module Step 2: Check the Send […]

How to edit your profile information

In order to edit your profile information in SalesHood (Icon photo, Email, Title, Time Zone, etc.), please follow these steps: Step 1: Click on your photo icon at the top right of the homepage and click View My Profile. Step 2: On the Profile page, tap on the Edit Profile button. This will open […]

How to access and use the Content Report page

The Content Report in the SalesHood web app is where Managers and Coaches can view and report on the metrics behind how different content is being consumed. This includes activities for Huddles, Pitches, and Learning Paths. With these reports, Managers and Coaches will be able to use the data to analyze their […]