SalesHood Release – August 2018

Welcome to SalesHood’s August release! We are pleased to introduce the Google Drive integration, Prerequisite programs for Learning Paths, and much more! Please email us at with any questions. Google Drive integration We expanded our Content Management Library even further by adding Google Drive integration. Now you can easily import, file, […]

Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is a cloud content management and file sharing service for businesses. If you have a Google account containing content, you can sync the files or folders within the Google Drive app directly to the SalesHood library. Quick note: Google Drive does not include background syncing, the titles/descriptions of imported files and folders […]

SalesHood Release – July 2018

Welcome to SalesHood’s July release! We are pleased to introduce the Notifications Manager, mobile navigation enhancements, and much more. Please email us at with any questions. Notifications Manager SalesHood users now have the ability to select the automated notifications they’d like to receive. You can control email and mobile […]

Okta Production Provisioning

Requirements: For customer: An account on Okta Have SSO setup and working on Okta with SalesHood Notes: Users without Titles will have blank Titles in SalesHood Users without managers will be assigned a default manager Default Manager = user who created SSO can be changed to any user (if manager […]

SalesHood Release – June 2018

Welcome to our June release for SalesHood, we are pleased to introduce a new Team Dashboard, SharePoint integration and more. Please email us at with any questions. Team Dashboard Being a manager within SalesHood just got easier with a new dashboard that surfaces how your team is doing, what they are […]

SalesHood Release – April 2018

We are pleased to introduce a major release for this month including customer requested features and improvements to SalesHood. Please email us at with any questions. User Experience Improvements Over the next few months, we’re focused on refining and tailoring the SalesHood experience to for ease of use, navigation […]

SalesHood Release – March 2018

This month, we are pleased to introduce a major release with new features, improvements, and customer requested items to SalesHood. If you have any questions or suggestions about our release, please email us at Web Recorder for Pitches One of our most asked features is now available for Pitches! […]