Confidential Categories

What is a Confidential Category? A confidential category is a category that can only be accessed/searched for by Coaches and Publishers by default. Users with the Manager and Individual role will not be able to access/search for the confidential category, unless they are assigned to content within that category: Once […]

SalesHood Release – July 2018

Welcome to SalesHood’s July release! We are pleased to introduce the Notifications Manager, mobile navigation enhancements, and much more. Please email us at with any questions. Notifications Manager SalesHood users now have the ability to select the automated notifications they’d like to receive. You can control email and mobile […]

Okta Production Provisioning

On Production: Requirements: For customer: An account on Okta Have SSO setup and working on Okta with SalesHood Steps: Select Provisioning tab and click on Configure API Integration. Check Enable API Integration. Contact Saleshood’s support for your Saleshood’s SCIM Token and paste it to API Token. Click on Test API Credentials. If you got Saleshood was […]

Supported File Types and Sizes

1. Uploading: You can upload any file type except for the following list, and the file size limit is 5GB.*note: the larger a file is, the longer it will take to upload and process Forbidden file types application/x-httpd-phpapplication/pkix-certapplication/x-shockwave-flashapplication/x-silverlight-appapplication/x-msdownloadapplication/x-apple-diskimageapplication/php; application/x-phpmagnus-internal/shellcgitext/phptext/x-server-parsed-htmlmagnus-internal/parsed-htmlapplication/xmltext/html Forbidden file extensions .jsp, .xml, .html, .php, .php4, .php5, .pht, .phtml, .shtml, […]

SalesHood Release – June 2018

Welcome to our June release for SalesHood, we are pleased to introduce a new Team Dashboard, SharePoint integration and more. Please email us at with any questions. Team Dashboard Being a manager within SalesHood just got easier with a new dashboard that surfaces how your team is doing, what they are […]

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint is an industry leading enterprise tool for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. With SalesHood, you can integrate your sites, folders, and files from SharePoint directly into the Library and Huddles in your company. Important: Before setting up SharePoint you will need Company Admin access in your SalesHood instance and […]

SalesHood’s Stories Recorder

Being able to capture goals, successes, accomplishments, and stories using video is a great way to engage your teams and build culture. Video storytelling is an important component in SalesHood that supports how teams are able to share knowledge and best practices. SalesHood’s Stories Recorder enables easy mobile recording with image overlays (such […]

How to use the reporting dashboard

Publisher or Coach role can use the Reports page to view the engagement statistics throughout the organization. To access this page, click on Reports on the tabs bar. Within the Dashboard tab, you will see a graphical representation of engagement within SalesHood based on usage data of participants. These graphs depict Total Video Watching Time […]

SalesHood Release – April 2018

We are pleased to introduce a major release for this month including customer requested features and improvements to SalesHood. Please email us at with any questions. User Experience Improvements Over the next few months, we’re focused on refining and tailoring the SalesHood experience to for ease of use, navigation […]