Setting up the Salesforce Web Tab Integration

To set up the SalesHood web tab in Salesforce to access the app through Salesforce, please follow these steps… Step 1:  Access the Setup page and search for “tabs” in the Quick Search Bar. Click on Tabs under Create. Step 2:  Select New under the Web Tabs section, then choose a Web Layout. […]

Getting Started for New Users

We are excited to have you join the SalesHood community! Here are a few things that you will need to do to get started. Step 1: Account setup and login When an organization is set up with a SalesHood instance, their team’s administrator will first need to import the different […]

@mention someone in a comment

If you’re writing a comment in the SalesHood app, you can mention a person by @mentioning the user in the comment box. The person’s first and last name will be shown and he/she will receive an email alert. The email contains a link to the exact comment and page where they were […]

Delete a category from the Library

To delete huddle categories from the library, please follow these steps: Step 1:  On the Library page, hover your icon to the top right corner of the category you wish to delete. Click the 3-dot menu icon and select Delete.  Step 2: A confirmation pop-up will appear. Click Yes to delete the category. * […]