SalesHood Premium Content

SalesHood Premium Content is a collection of sales productivity best practices that have been created and curated by top sales productivity leaders. The Premium Content is included in a company’s instance once they have joined SalesHood. The Premium Content can be assigned to your team as scheduled huddles or open huddles, within Learning Paths, or […]

Which Single Sign-On (SSO) providers does SalesHood support?

SalesHood supports the following SSO identity providers (IDP): OKTA OneLogin Centrify Avatier Google OAuth Salesforce PingIdentity Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS by Microsoft) Any SAML To gain access to SalesHood, please request a login from your organization’s IT department or sales enablement department to ensure you have been added to […]

Segment Overview

What is a Segment? Segments are groups in the SalesHood user management system that categorize the different sectors or departments within an organization.  Scheduled programs can be assigned to an entire Segment for all members to participate.  How to create/manage Segments Here are the steps to create/manage Segments: Click on the […]

How to Clone Programs (Huddles and Learning Paths)

If you want to duplicate the template for a Huddle or Learning Path, you can do so with the Clone feature. This allows you to repurpose existing templates and/or make changes to your content without affecting the original program.  Cloning Huddles Huddle Templates To clone the entire Huddle template, use […]

Update / change your account password

* Users will not be able to change their passwords if their company’s instance uses SSO for SalesHood Please follow these steps for instructions on how to change your password in SalesHood: Step 1: From the top right of your home page, click the photo icon and choose Change Password  from the […]

Huddle Publisher

The Huddle Publisher is the page in SalesHood that’s an alphabetical repository for all huddles that are in edit mode. * All published huddles are found in the Library. 1) The Huddle Publisher page is a repository for all huddles that are in edit mode. 2) The page is only accessible by […]

Trending Feed on the Homepage

The trending video feed is a social feature at the bottom of every user’s Homepage, which showcases recently uploaded Pitches and Deal Wins. Here is the logic that determines which content populates in the trending feed: Videos trending in the last 7 days based on # of views plus # of […]

Override progress completion in a Learning Path

Users with the Coach or Publisher roles have the ability to override completion for participants within a Learning Path, either for individual programs or for all programs within the Path. Please follow these instructions on how to override the progress completion for a participant in a Learning Path (or multiple participants): Step 1: […]

Using SalesHood within Salesforce

If Salesforce is enabled for your SalesHood instance, you can access the app through a web tab on your Salesforce page. Locate the tab at the top of your page, or click More and search for SalesHood: If you are having issues logging in (blank screen after clicking on the web […]