SalesHood Release – April 2019

Welcome to our April release! This one is chalk full with updates for everyone, so let’s get started. Web Groups in Team Dashboard If you are a watcher of a group, those members will now appear in your Team Dashboard. To select a group to view, go to the drop-down […]

SalesHood Integrations

SalesHood integrates with a variety of services to give customers flexibility on SSO, CMS, and much more. Below is a list of all the integrations we support, if you have any questions please contact Content Management Systems Bring your content directly into SalesHood to create a central location for […]

Supported Browsers/Devices

Here is a breakdown of SalesHood supported Browsers and Devices, if your browser or device is not listed you may experience unknown issues. Web App Browser Support from Version Recommended Browser Edge/IE 11+ Not Recommended Chrome 65+ Recommended Firefox 58+ Recommended Safari 10+ Recommended Mobile App OS Support from Version […]

SalesHood Release – March 2019

Welcome to our March release! We have a very exciting suite of features we’re releasing this month, read on to find out what’s new! SalesHood Analytics With this release Coaches will now have access to our brand new SalesHood Analytics suite! Upon accessing the Reports tab from the top nav, […]


Groups are a flexible way for you to manage users in SalesHood. Groups are similar to Segment and Team, but a user can be a member of any number of groups. Because of this, you can use groups in ways that match your organizational structure, such as creating nested organizational […]

SalesHood Release – January 2019

Welcome to our January release! This release we focused on adding a new pitch module type into huddles, pinning files and categories to the homepage, and much more. Let’s get started! Pitch Module This release we have added a new module type into huddles called “Pitch”. We truly built this […]

Auto-Assign Team in Huddle

When you are creating a scheduled huddle from the huddle template, you can toggle the assignment of your team when the huddle is created. “Auto-Assign your team” is on by default and will automatically add your team into the scheduled huddle after creation. If you select the checkbox to off, […]

Published page Pitch Module in a Huddle

In this article, we will cover each part of the published page for the pitch module. To see the unpublished page for the pitch module, please go here. There are 3 main components to a published pitch module: pitch video, leaderboard, and reviews. Pitch Video Within the pitch video component, […]