SalesHood Release – August 2019

Welcome to the August release! This release we focused on managers, expanding video capabilities, team dashboard, and general improvements. Web Screen Recording Its here! And its only the beginning. Our goal is to make it easier for reps, managers, and coaches to add content wherever they are within SalesHood. This […]

SalesHood Release – July 2019

Welcome to the July release! This release we focused on managers, user management, and huddle creation improvements. Web Azure Active Directory User Provisioning It can take a lot of time to manually update the ever-changing user details in your company like title and teams. We sought to rid of that […]

SCIM Token for User Provisioning

You can setup SCIM user provisioning with any service using the SCIM token found within the “Integrations” page for Company Admins. Requirements Company Admin role in your SalesHood instance SSO is enabled for your SalesHood instance (can be any SSO) Step 1. Go to the Hamburger menu -> “Settings” -> “Integrations” […]

Azure Active Directory User Provisioning Production and Preview Environments

Requirement: A SCIM token generated by your company admin. Your company in saleshood is using SAML as authentication method. Steps: Login into Azure AD portal, select Azure Active Directory on the left navigation panel. Select the Enterprise applications tab. Click on + New application to add SalesHood integration Choose Non-gallery application. Type in the application’s name. Click Add […]

SalesHood Release – June 2019

Welcome to the June Release, this time we focused on improving our homepage and library so the most impactful content is easier to review and stay in arms reach. Let’s get started! Web Pitches With this release the “Pitches” tab in the navigation bar will be removed, including the ability […]

SalesHood Release – May 2019

Welcome to the May Release! This month we focused on improving our library and customer requests straight from your feedback. Web Library Improvements Pitches in the Library As part of the rollout plan for Pitch Modules in Huddles, the old Pitches are now visible within the library. They can be viewed by going […]

Huddle Overview

What is a Huddle? A Huddle is a compilation of learning tools designed to facilitate in-organization learning. Huddles allow teams to “huddle” around a particular topic using different types of content modules to collaborate and share knowledge. They contain completion and scoring metrics so Coaches and Managers can track Participant’s progress and evaluate […]

Learning Path Overview

What is a Learning Path? A Learning Path allows you to build a structured curriculum of programs and supporting documents, and to measure the progress of the assigned participants. Some common use cases for Learning Paths include: onboarding, time-sensitive training (such as annual security training), and product training. How to Create a Learning Path Here are the steps to creating […]

SalesHood Release – April 2019

Welcome to our April release! This one is chalk full with updates for everyone, so let’s get started. Web Groups in Team Dashboard If you are a watcher of a group, those members will now appear in your Team Dashboard. To select a group to view, go to the drop-down […]

SalesHood Integrations

SalesHood integrates with a variety of services to give customers flexibility on SSO, CMS, and much more. Below is a list of all the integrations we support, if you have any questions please contact Content Management Systems Bring your content directly into SalesHood to create a central location for […]