Creating and Managing Badges

As your users do their assignments and programs on Saleshood, celebrate and mark their completion by awarding them with Badges to show-off on their User Profile! Users with the Coach role are now able to create and manage Badges to that can be awarded to their users upon completion of […]

Editing a published Huddle

To edit a Huddle, click [Edit] on the top right corner of any page of the Huddle. After a Huddle is published, certain sections/fields within the Huddle can be edited while others cannot. Fields that cannot be edited are restricted because they affect the responses, answers, and grades of users who have […]

Integrating SalesHood Reporting API with Tableau

This guide shows you how to connect your SalesHood instance data in so that you can start making reports and correlations in Tableau. Please be advised that this an overview to integrate specifically with SalesHood’s APIs, and will not cover everything you need to use Tableau. This article is not a substitute for learning the tool itself! Step 1: Access […]

Creating/Editing Tags

To better organize the content within your Saleshood instance, tags can be created and assigned to categorize your content. Coaches and Publishers have the ability to create and manage tags for use on content within the Saleshood instance, through the “Manage Tags” option found in the hamburger menu in the […]

Coaching Dashboard

One of our goals at SalesHood is to make it easy for managers to run, manage, and review programs they launch for their teams. The Coaching Dashboard is a central location where Managers, Coaches, and Publishers can keep track of users assigned to them in SalesHood and is only available […]

Granting Extra Test Retakes

If you have a test module that has maximum number of tries, you may run into times where participants may need more chances to try and pass the test. Managers and Coaches can grant extra test retakes within the test module by accessing the test in the huddle, selecting the […]

Downloading The SalesHood Mobile App

SalesHood Mobile App is available for download on through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! How To Download Through Apple App Store Tap the App Store app on your Home screen: Select Search, use the search bar, and type in “Saleshood”. Then tap the app icon: Tap “Get” […]