SalesHood Analytics – Scatter Plot Charts

ABOUT Scatter plots show data as points using Cartesian coordinates (x/y-axis). Scatter plots can have two measures, one for the X-axis and the other for the Y-axis, and one attribute, which determines the meaning of each point in the plot. Scatter plots are best used to visualize the relationship and correlation […]

SalesHood Analytics – Bubble Charts

Bubble charts are similar to Scatter plots. They show data points as bubbles using Cartesian coordinates (x-y-z coordinate). In addition, bubble charts incorporate a third measure that is represented by the relative size of each data point (the area of the ‘bubble’). In the example above, we are analyzing “Test Results of […]

Getting Started with SalesHood Analytics

This article is your starting guide on how to use SalesHood Analytics to track progress and engagement within the SalesHood Platform. It also discusses how to customize standard report templates, create your own reports and visualizations, and introduces the KPI Dashboard. Roles & Access Users with the ‘Coach’ role have […]