SalesHood Analytics – Scatter Plot Charts

ABOUT Scatter plots show data as points using Cartesian coordinates (x/y-axis). Scatter plots can have two measures, one for the X-axis and the other for the Y-axis, and one attribute, which determines the meaning of each point in the plot. Scatter plots are best used to visualize the relationship and correlation […]

SalesHood Analytics – Bubble Charts

Bubble charts are similar to Scatter plots. They show data points as bubbles using Cartesian coordinates (x-y-z coordinate). In addition, bubble charts incorporate a third measure that is represented by the relative size of each data point (the area of the ‘bubble’). In the example above, we are analyzing “Test Results of […]

SalesHood Analytics – Standard Report: Huddle Details

The Huddle Details report shows overall completion, test scores, activities, and count of passed tests for a specific or multiple Huddle(s). The report itself is in a “Table” format, containing row, columns, and filters (used to limit results to specific criteria). Columns Since this is a table chart, the data […]