Using the Individual Summary Report

In the SalesHood app, Coaches can use the Individual Summary Report to see how their team or organization is performing. The summary provides important user participation and engagement data. This report can be filtered to show data for either your team or your whole organization. (Note: the page defaults to […]

Test Result Reports for Huddles

As Coaches deploy Tests and Knowledge Checks within Huddles, the SalesHood’s Reports page can be used to track the test scores. These reports are based on the test modules that are created within SalesHood Huddles. Test modules are identified by the cog icon within Huddles: To access the Test Results page […]

Add and edit Pitch reviewers

*The ability to edit the Reviewer of a Pitch is limited to the Pitch Host, Coaches, and Publishers. To allow only certain users to score and comment on a Pitch, assign those specific individuals as reviewers. As a reviewer, you will receive an email notification whenever a participant submits a Pitch, […]

Schedule a huddle event for your team

*Prior to scheduling a Huddle, make sure to check that it was created as a “scheduled” Huddle. A Huddle is built as “Scheduled” by leaving the “Open” box unchecked upon creation. To learn how to create a Huddle, visit Create a Huddle. Scheduling a huddle event is a way to assign the […]

Configure Provisioning on Okta in Preview Environment

Instructions for installing and configuring SalesHood to use Provisioning (SCIM) on Okta in your SalesHood Preview Environment. 1. Login to your Okta admin  2. Add a SCIM 2.0 Test App (OAuth Bearer Token) (Only Dev account can see and add the application) 3. Click “Next” on General Settings page 4. Provisioning […]

Creating a subcategory within a category folder

Subcategories are a way for users to organize the categories within their content library using more narrow sub-classes. To create a subcategory, please follow these steps: Step 1: From the content library page, click the category folder in which you would like to create a subcategory for Step 2: On the top left, click […]

Content Management Updates Coming on June 7

Register now to attend our webinar on June 15th, 2017 for an in-depth overview of the latest content management features. Can’t make it? Click here to sign up anyway and be notified when the recording is available.  We’re pre-announcing Content Management feature updates to be released on June 7th. We’re solving more Content […]

Create a new category folder

To learn more about Categories, please click here. To create a private category, please follow these instructions. Step 1: Access the Library Step 2: On the top left, select “+New” Step 3: Select “Category” Step 4: Type in the title of the category Step 5: Upload a Thumbnail or customize […]

Unpin scheduled pitch from home page

A Scheduled Pitch that are past their due date will still remain on the participant’s and host’s homepage if it is pinned. Please follow these steps to unpin a pitch and remove it from the home page. Step 1: On your home page, click the [pin] icon to unpin the Pitch from the home […]