New Homepage Components and Sorting Logic

This article describes how items are sorted and how they appear on the new SalesHood Homepage. Definitions: Event: A Learning Path, Huddle, or Pitch Standalone Event: A Pitch or Huddle Event which is NOT organized in a Learning Path Pinned Event: Huddle or Pitch that has been Pinned to the homepage […]

Participation Metrics

It’s easy to keep up to date on the participant progress in Huddles and Learning Paths! Completion Metrics in Huddles The Activity Report on the right side of a huddle provides metrics in terms of the activities completed by a user, overall completion, and completion for each type of module. […]

Managing Files in the Library

SalesHood is a place to store all of your content including files storing in other content management systems! In this article, we will dive into manually upload and syncing. What is the difference between syncing files or uploading? Synced files – Real time version of the file lives within SalesHood […]

Using Filters in the Library

You can easily find your content with only a few clicks using our filtering by category and tag tools! SalesHood even supports searching by multiple categories or tags. Filtering by Category In order to sort by category, navigate to the Library and then select View All Files, followed by the + icon next to Categories: Once Categories is […]

Assigning Programs to Users

This article will cover the ability for Manager, Publisher, Coach roles to assign out content to other users. Note: This only applies to assignable content. Participants cannot be added to Open Huddles as these are considered “self-service” content. Rather, participants are included in the Activity lists within Open Huddles when […]

Using the Notepad

The Notepad feature in our Exercise module comes in handy for sharing notes in a huddle to collaborate on. In order to upload a document, create an Exercise module and then select Upload: You’ll need to have the document saved as a file locally on your device. The file types […]