What is the Library?

Library Overview The Library organizes all of the published content (Files, Huddles and Learning Paths) that have been built in your company’s instance. SalesHood premium content, including huddle templates (Competitive Battlecard, Product Playbook, etc.), can be found in the Libraryas well. You can navigate to the content library by clicking the Library tab […]

Confidential Categories

What is a Confidential Category? Sometimes you may not want content to be viewable or accessible to all users within your instance. You can limit the visibility of your Saleshood content within your Library by using Confidential Categories. A confidential category is a category that can only be accessed/searched for […]

Creating a Subcategory within a Category Folder

Subcategories are a way for users to organize the categories within their content library using more narrow sub-classes. To create a subcategory, please follow these steps: Step 1: From the content library page, click the category folder in which you would like to create a subcategory for Step 2: On the top left, click […]

Using the Search Function

Our new search function allows users to search and see a list of huddles, pitches, files, videos, paths, and folders across their company’s instance in SalesHood right from the search bar from any page in the instance. You can even filter specifically the author of the content, tags, or the […]

Upload artwork for your huddle

When creating a huddle, you are able to use personalized images or logos to align with your branding efforts. Please follow these steps on how to upload artwork for your huddle: Step 1: On the Huddle Overview page, select the pencil icon in the left corner of the Huddle Artwork pane. […]

Unpublished Page of the Pitch Module

In this article, we will walk through the functionality for the unpublished page of the pitch module in a huddle. We will cover how to create , edit, and manage a pitch module. Create To create a pitch module, go into the “Edit” mode of the huddle to make it […]

Partner Instances

Partner Instances are an add-on feature that supports an additional level of access control. Partner instances allow you to set up separate instances that are linked to your Main Instance in Saleshood, giving you the ability to easily push content from the Main instance to the Partner instance. By adding a new […]

Notifications and Notifications Management

In SalesHood, users may receive notifications by email and mobile push notification. Below is a description of all of SalesHood’s notifications triggers by content type: Huddle Event Huddle Event Scheduled Email and mobile push to host, participants Email, Mobile 48h Before Huddle Due Date Email to participants who haven’t completed […]

Branding your SalesHood instance with Theme

Two things are needed to access the Theme feature: The Theme (branding) feature is activated for your company SalesHood instance Your role within the SalesHood instance is Company Admin Before customizing the branding for your company instance, we recommend contacting your marketing department for your company’s branding guide. To Begin: Step […]