The Feed

The purpose of the Feed in SalesHood is to get a snapshot of all the activity going on in your instance. This includes uploads, comments, submissions and Huddle scheduling. Depending on the role permissions of the user viewing, more or less activity will appear here, and Coach users can even […]

Trending Feed on the Homepage

The trending video feed is a social feature at the bottom of every user’s Homepage, which showcases recently uploaded Pitches and Deal Wins. Here is the logic that determines which content populates in the trending feed: Videos trending in the last 7 days based on # of views plus # of […]

Hide SalesHood Premium Huddles (Now Sales Coaching Content)

To hide SalesHood’s Premium Huddles from showing in your instance’s Library, please follow these steps: Step 1: On your home page, click the hamburger menu in the bottom left corner and select Huddler Publisher. Step 2: In the top-left, click Hide Premium Huddles. Step 3: You’ll be able to choose which content to hide from your Library. […]

Edit the Host of a Huddle, Pitch or Learning Path

*This capability is limited to the following roles: Coach and Publisher To edit the host of a Huddle, Pitch, or Learning Path, please follow these steps: Step 1: To edit the host of  Huddle, Navigate to the Overview page. To edit a Path, Navigate to the Start Here page. Huddle view: Path view: Step 2: […]

Move a huddle/file into a category

(Please click here to first learn how to create a category* Please follow these steps to move a huddle and/or file into a new category or subcategory. Step 1: Access the content library then choose the category of the existing huddle/file Step 2a: Locate the huddle/file and click on the [3-dot] […]

Override Progress Completion

Users with the Coach or Publisher roles have the ability to override completion for participants within a Learning Path, either for individual programs or for all programs within the Path. Please follow these instructions on how to override the progress completion for a participant in a Learning Path (or multiple participants): Step 1: […]

Hidden Activities

What are Hidden Activities? Hidden Activities allows for greater control over the privacy of Participant information within a program (Huddles and Learning Paths). When Hidden Activities is enabled, Participants are prevented from viewing the info and activities of their peers who are also assigned to that content. This is a […]

Email Huddle participants

*Emails cannot be sent to participants in Open Huddles To send an email to participants in your Huddle event, please follow the steps below: Step 1: Navigate to the Overview page of the Huddle, and click [Email Participants] on the right side of the screen. Step 2: An Email Participants text box […]

Coaching Activities

Coaching Activities Coaching Activities makes it easy for Managers and Coaches to find what activities they need to complete for their programs and teams on both web/mobile. There are 3 main components: Activities, Notifications, Emails. In order to access Coaching Activities, select the bell icon at the top right corner […]