SalesHood Release – May 2023

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Content Audit

We are excited to announce the release of our newest content management feature, Content Audit. This powerful tool provides content managers with a centralized platform to quickly and easily locate all content within their Library of revenue assets that requires updates. With Content Audit, managing your content has never been simpler or more efficient. As your library of revenue assets grows, it can be difficult to keep track of which pieces of content need to be updated or revised. Content Audit automates the identification of all content that is outdated or needs attention and enables content managers to update that content immediately. With this, content managers can be confident that their organization’s content is always fresh and adding value.


The Content Audit “Out-of-Sync” table surfaces content that has been synced in from a third-party content management system and is currently out-of-sync. This content cannot be accessed by sellers while out-of-sync, so it is critical for a content manager to re-sync the content as quickly as possible.


The Content Audit “Orphaned” table surfaces content whose owner is no longer an active user in SalesHood. In order to ensure that Library is maintained, all assets in the Library should have an active owner. The owner for orphaned assets can be updated directly from the Orphaned tab of the Content Audit.

Expiring Soon

The Content Audit “Expiring Soon” table surfaces Library assets that are set to expire within the next 30 days. This enables content managers to update any assets that need to be updated before they expire.

Recently Expired

The Content Audit “Recently Expired” table surfaces Library assets that expired within the past 30 days. This enables content managers to update and bring expired content back into the Library if that content is still relevant to the organization’s revenue teams.

Coming Soon…

We have some exciting new functionality coming to the Content Audit in our next release!

  • Content Health Score – Understand the overall health of your library in one number driven by the categories of the Content Audit.
  • Audit Overview – View a quick breakdown of the number of assets that are currently listed in each category of the Content Audit.
  • Needs Context – Surface all of the assets that are missing the context that they need in order to be found and utilized by revenue teams.
  • Under Utilized – Surface the content that has not been used recently and is not adding value to your revenue teams.

Pages Templates

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest improvement to Pages: Page Templates. Designed to simplify and streamline the page creation process within SalesHood, Page Templates enables content publishers to focus on creating high-value pages that are consistent with the theme and branding of other pages, without having to spend time on design.

Coming Soon…

Page Templates will soon be surfaced in the Content Marketplace so that you can take advantage of a library of ready-to-use Page Templates that are provided for free by SalesHood.

🎓 Learning

Modern Huddle Modules Transition

We are excited to announce that a full featured version of the modern view has been released. This experience provides a new intuitive design with the same great features you know and love from the classic experience. The Asset, Test, SCORM (formerly known as Plugin), and Live Event modules have been transitioned to the new modern experience. As a result of this transition, the classic view for Huddles will no longer be available at the end of June.

Asset Module

The new Asset view from the library is now also available in the Asset module. Participants have less distraction and more emphasis on the asset they are viewing. They can download the asset file or open the asset link in a new tab.

Test Module

The new design for Test Module includes a drag and drop experience for coaches and publishers to quickly and easily rearrange their test questions. A new feature that we included in the modern experience is the ability to allow multiple graders to a test. Include a primary manager, secondary manager, host, or a subject matter expert as an eligible grader.

Similar to the exercise module, we have removed the setting to upload a video in the test module. We will consider bringing back this feature or possibly providing an alternative solution.

SCORM Module

SCORM Module or formerly known as Plugin has more added emphasis on the SCORM interaction. Participants can now interact with the module in a full screen mode for the best user experience.

Live Event Module

All the same functionality from the Live Event has been transitioned to the new modern experience. Participants can still add events to their calendar, find the location, and view links. Attendees can be individually added or an attendees list can be uploaded to easily manage event attendance.

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