SalesHood Release – April 2023

🤝 Selling

Buyer Sites Macro Insights Dashboard – Buyer Engagement

Buyer Engagement insights are now available for the Macro Buyer Sites Insights dashboard. We have rolled out 4 key insights that outline how buyers are engaging with the Buyer Sites that your sellers are sharing. Here’s a breakdown of the 4 insights:

  • Engaged Contacts shows how many contacts have accessed your organization’s Buyer Sites.
  • Engagement Time shows the total amount of time that contacts have spent viewing the content on your organization’s Buyer Sites.
  • Asset Views shows the total number of views on any shared asset by contacts.
  • Most Engaged Companies shows the top 3 companies that have been engaged with ranked by the number of asset views.
Buyer Engagement insights are now available.

📚 Content

Asset Views are displayed on the asset page

When viewing an asset, you can now find the total number of views that the asset has in the “Information” tab of the asset page.

Stories and Deal Wins folders will show the most recent videos first

For the “Stories” and “Deal Wins” folders, we have updated the default sort so that the most recently posted stories and deal wins are shown first at the top of the folder. This allows you to easily stay up to date on the latest videos that are posted by the team.

🛠 System

Users can log in directly to a secondary instance

Previously, users were not able to log directly into a secondary instance. They were redirected to the primary instance and forced to log in there. Now, users are able to log in directly to both their primary instance and any secondary instance(s) that they may have.

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