SalesHood Release – March 2023

🤝 Selling

Buyer Sites Macro Insights Dashboard

With the introduction of macro-level insights that span seller activity across all Buyer Sites, enablers are one-step closer to understanding the activity that it takes to drive positive revenue outcomes. Macro Insights in Buyer Sites provides organizations with a solid understanding of how their sellers are engaging with the market.

  • Coaches, Managers, and Publishers can understand the trend over time for the following:
    • How many sellers that are actively engaging buyers using Buyer Sites?
    • How much content have my sellers shared with prospects?
    • How many Buyer Sites are currently being used to engage buyers?
    • What are the most active segments using Buyer Sites?
  • Coaches can see this dashboard containing all seller activity across the entire organization.
  • Managers and Publishers see this dashboard containing only activity related to the sellers on their team.
Understand seller activity with macro-level insights from Buyer Sites.

Note: We’re not stopping here! Macro insights around Buyer Engagement as well as CRM Outcomes are coming soon!

📚 Content

Expiration Date for Library Assets

Properly managing content so that no asset becomes out-of-date and irrelevant can be a daunting task. However, with the introduction of expiration dates for assets in the Library, we are helping to solve that problem. Now, content managers can set an expiration date for any asset in the library in order to ensure that no asset used by go-to-market teams becomes out-of-date.

  • Coaches and Publishers can optionally set an expiration date for any asset in the Library.
  • Company Admin can set a default expiration period for assets added to the Library from the company settings.
    • Any new asset added to the library will inherit an expiration date from the default expiration period.
  • When an asset reaches its expiration date, the asset will be automatically archived.
  • Email notifications are sent to inform the owner of any assets with an upcoming expiration date.
  • Expiration dates can be updated when browsing the Library or while viewing an asset.
  • Stories, Deal Wins, and training resources do not have an expiration date by default.
Update the expiration date from the asset view.

Image Resize & Alignment

Users can now resize and align the images added to a Page. To resize an image, simply click and drag the corner of the image and align it left, right, or center using the buttons in the element toolbar.

🎓 Learning

Auto-Assign New Members

Coaches can now enable or disable auto assignment of a new member from a Group, Team or Segment (GTS) on a specific Learning Path or Huddle. Currently, coaches cannot control if a new member of a GTS should be auto-assigned to a specific program. The Auto-Assign New Members setting makes it easier for coaches to manage program assignments and prevents new users from being assigned to irrelevant programs.

  • Learning Path and Huddle Participants will display a new Auto-Assign New Members toggle for a Group, Team or Segment assigned to a training.
  • Coaches can toggle this setting on to auto assign new members of a GTS to the specified training.
  • Coaches can enable or disable the setting for all GTS using the toggle in the header of the “Auto-assign New Members” column.
  • Coaches can set an expiration date by clicking “Set Expiration Date”
    • Select the date you would like the setting to be disabled.

Company Default Settings

The Advanced Company Setting “Exclude New Users to Old Programs” has been repurposed and renamed to “Include New Users to Old Programs” and is used to determine the default configuration of your Auto-Assign settings for your training programs. Toggle this setting off to default the auto-assign new members to disabled on all training programs.

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