SalesHood Release – Late February 2023

🤝 Selling

Guided Site Creation

Creating Buyer Sites has never been easier with the introduction of our new guided Buyer Site creation process. With this new process, sellers choose a use case for their Buyer Site, and the settings of the site are all configured based on the selected use case. Key points:

  • Sellers can chose one of three use-cases for a Buyer Site: Prospecting, Active Deal, or Customer Success.
  • Settings of the site are automatically set based on the selected use-case so that the seller does not have to configure each setting.
  • Site creation is more efficient, saving sellers time.
When creating a site, sellers will select a use-case for that site.

View All Shared Content

When viewing a Buyer Site with many shared assets and content groups, buyers and sellers can now view all content that has been shared to the site on a single page.

Click the grid icon to view all content on the site.
When viewing all content on a Buyer Site, each asset shared to the site is displayed by Content Group.

Toggle ‘Site Accessed’ Email Notifications for a Site

Have a Buyer Site but don’t want to receive an email notification for that specific site each time someone accesses it? Sellers can now toggle email notifications so that they can control which sites they want to receive email notifications for and which ones they do not. This is specifically useful when sharing a public site.

Use the “Email Notifications” setting to toggle email notifications when a buyer contact accesses the site.

Display .xltx Files on a Site

Buyer Sites now supports displaying .xltx files on a Buyer Site.

📚 Content

Modern Asset View

As part of our continued effort to provide a modern user experience across the app, we have just released our new asset view in the Library. The modern asset view will be displayed when viewing any links or files that have been added to SalesHood. Key points:

  • Large preview for all assets in SalesHood including links and files.
  • Displayed for assets in the Library, Content Marketplace, Huddle Resources, and Learning Path.
  • Comments and star-ratings can be posted independently using the widgets in the lower right corner.
  • Other assets in the folder/Huddle/Path are displayed in the left nav menu.
  • Preview and Information/Settings are separated into 2 different tabs in the left nav menu.
  • External-facing assets can be shared via Buyer Sites directly from the asset view.
  • Asset settings, tags, and shortcuts can all be updated in the “Information” tab.
  • Sharepoint assets, Dropbox assets, and Restricted links can be previewed using the SalesHood Chrome Extension.
  • The owner of the asset can be updated from the “Information” tab.
  • Shortcuts can be added from the “Information” tab so that the asset can be surfaced in multiple folders in the Library.
The modern asset view is now available.

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