SalesHood Release – February 2023

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SFDC Integration – Buyer Contact Activity Tracking

Integrating Salesforce with Buyer Sites gives sellers visibility into the buyer engagement activity on their sites from the Opportunity record within Salesforce. Sellers no longer need to leave Salesforce to gauge how engaged a buyer contact is with the content that has been shared with them.

  • Sellers can connect each of their Buyer Sites to a Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Each time a buyer contact accesses the site, the activity will be logged on the Opportunity’s activity timeline.
  • Sellers can directly navigate to the Buyer Site from their Salesforce Opportunity.
  • Company Admin users can set up this integration in the Company Settings.
Buyer activity is automatically logged in Salesforce.

Buyer Sites Use Cases

Buyer Sites can be used to build pipeline, close deals, nurture accounts, and much more. Because there are many different use cases for Buyer Sites, we have added a “Use Case” field for each site that allows a seller to specify what the site is currently being used for.

  • Sellers can choose from the following use cases: Prospecting, Active Deal, Customer Success, and Other.
  • Each use case has recommended settings that help a seller configure the site based on their use case.
Categorize sites by use case.

Updated Buyer Sites Settings Page

Sites are easier to manage with the new Buyer Sites settings page. Here, sellers can update the site’s settings from three main categories:

  • General – All general settings to the site.
  • Privacy & Collaboration – Seller can make the site public or private and can choose whether buyers can see one another.
  • Team Selling – Seller can add editors and transfer the site to other sellers here.
Configure a site from the Settings page.

πŸ“š Content

Learning To-Do can be added to a Page

A new “To-Do” element is now available under the “Learning” section of the “Page Elements” sidebar. The element displays all of the assigned Learning Paths and Huddles for each person viewing the published Page. This functionality is especially helpful when replacing the default SalesHood homepage with a custom Page.

Delete Unwanted Page Groups

Coaches and Publishers can now delete unwanted Page groups via an ellipsis menu included on each group.

πŸŽ“Β Learning

Test Coaching AI Criteria

Coaching AI is now easier to test! Coaches and publishers can easily test their AI Criteria to validate the settings without having to publish the huddle. Configure, test, and publish your Coaching AI scorecard in minutes!

Record or select an existing video from your library to test your AI criteria. Easily adjust the AI scorecard if you are not satisfied with the results.

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