SalesHood Release – January 2023

🤝 Selling

Share direct links to shared content

Direct shareable links to specific assets shared to a Buyer Site are now available.

  • Buyers and Sellers can copy a direct link to a shared asset on a Buyer Site.
  • Buyers and Sellers can also mention the direct link in a chat message to start a conversation around a specific asset.
The buttons for copying or mentioning the direct link to content can be found below the content preview.

Gate specific content on a public Buyer Site

Sellers can now share public Buyer Sites that allow anonymous contacts while gating individual assets that have been shared to the site. This allows sellers to choose which content on a site is available for anyone to see and which content on a site is available only for contacts that have shared their contact information with the seller.

  • Seller can optionally require a buyer to share contact info to view individual assets shared to a public site.
  • Anonymous buyers can access the site but will not be able to access the gated content until they share their contact information.
Buyers are required to share their contact info to view gated content.

Anonymous contacts can update their contact information

When a seller is using a Buyer Site for prospecting and chooses to allow anonymous contacts on a site, it is critical that the seller can find out who is accessing the content on their Buyer Site. Because of this, we now allow buyer contacts to share their own contact information to the seller when they are accessing an anonymous site. Also, in order to encourage the contact to share their information, some functionality on the buyer site is restricted to only contacts that have shared their contact information.

  • Anonymous contacts must share their contact information in order to use the site chat or download an asset.
  • Anonymous contacts can share their contact information vis Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, or via email.
  • If an anonymous contact shares their information via email, then they will receive a verification email.
  • Sellers will receive an email notification when buyers share their contact information for any reason.
  • Once an anonymous contact shares their contact information, all activity that the contact did on the site while anonymous will be associated with the new contact info.
Buyers must update their contact information to download shared content or use the chat.

📚 Content

Videos can be added to a Page

Videos can now be added directly to a Page!

  • Coaches and Publishers can add a video to a page by dragging and dropping the “Video” element to the page.
  • Videos can be selected from the library, uploaded, or recorded.
  • All users can watch the video directly on a published page while viewing the page.
Videos can be embedded directly on a page.

Assign a Page as a Default Homepage

You can now customize your homepage using pages by assigning the page as a default homepage.

  • Coaches and Publishers can assign pages as the default homepage for users.
  • Pages can be assigned as the default homepage for all users or for specific segments. Pages cannot be assigned as a default homepage for specific users, teams, or groups.
  • Any page can be used as a default homepage.
  • Assigning a page as a default homepage will replace the existing homepage. Users will no longer have access to the default homepage.

Replace the default homepage with a custom page.

Turnkey Content rebranded to Content Marketplace

The Turnkey Content tab has been rebranded as the Content Marketplace. All SalesHood premium content can still be found here.

🎓 Learning

Pitch AI Closed Beta – Restricted Phrases

We are continuing to make updates and improvements to Pitch AI based on feedback from our Closed Beta. The first major improvement is the addition of Restricted Phrases. Restricted Phrases are words or phrases that a learner must avoid in their pitch.

  • Coaches and publishers can identify phrases for participants to avoid in the AI Criteria.
  • Restricted Phrases have replaced Filler Words as part of the overall AI score.
  • Participants can see how many times they mentioned each restricted phrase.
Learners can see the breakdown of the restricted phrases when submitting their pitch.
Coaches and Publishers can configure the restricted phrases on a pitch scorecard.

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