SalesHood Release – December 2022

πŸŽ“ Learning

Pitch AI Beta

We are very excited to announce that the Pitch AI is now available for Beta! Instructional designers can now configure an AI Criteria so that the participants can receive immediate AI feedback on their pitch submissions. Participants will receive an AI score from 1-10 based on tone, pace, duration, filler words, and key phrases. This exciting new feature will give participants the immediate feedback they need to quickly improve their pitch. Please reach out to the product team if your customer would like to participate in the Beta.

Configure AI Criteria

  • Coaches and Publishers can add AI to a scorecard in any Pitch module. 
  • They can configure the key phrases and duration within the AI Criteria. 
  • Tone, pace and filler words are automatically scored based on Google’s Natural Language Processing API.

AI Insights

  • Once a Pitch module is in a Published Huddle, AI insights will be available for all pitches whether they are recorded or are uploaded.
  • Real-time feedback will be provided for the participants while they are recording their pitch.
  • Participants will be able to review AI Score results immediately after they record their pitch or select a video from the Library. Videos that are uploaded may take 10-15 minutes to process and analyze.
Instantly Review AI Score Results
Real-time AI Feedback

What are the current limitations?

  • Currently, Pitch AI is only available in English. Pitch submissions in non-english languages are not supported and may receive poor AI scores. We plan to support Pitch AI with other platform languages in Q1 2023.
  • Pitch AI supports recorded and uploaded videos but it does NOT support video links. Video links will not receive an AI score.
  • AI Score weight of each criteria cannot be adjusted today. 

Beta Sign Up

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in participating in the Pitch AI Beta.

🀝 Selling

Buyer Sites for Prospecting

Buyer Sites are now the perfect tool for prospecting! Sellers now can use Buyer Sites to prospect into many accounts with the same site without requiring their buyers to log into the buyer site in order to see the content that has been shared to the site. By giving sellers the option to allow anonymous contacts on the site, we have removed any friction for buyers to access the site and view all of the shared content. In this release:

  • Sellers can allow buyers to anonymously access public Buyer Sites.
  • Sellers can update the contact information of anonymous contacts on each Buyer Site.
  • If the same buyer accesses a site multiple times as an anonymous contact, the buyer’s activity will be associated with the same anonymous contact.
  • The seller can see the location that each anonymous contact accessed the site from.
  • Anonymous contacts cannot use the chat on Buyer Sites.

πŸ“š Content

Chrome Extension

Included in this release is the first version of the SalesHood Chrome Extension! The initial version of our chrome extension is focused on improving the content viewing experience in SalesHood. The Chrome extension allows you to view most Library content that is not viewable in the Library due to the content’s content security policy from an external system.

Some common systems that the Chrome Extension enables content previews in SalesHood are:

  • Sharepoint
  • Box
  • Notion

Download the free Chrome Extension here!

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