SalesHood Release – November 2022

🤝 Selling

Buyer Sites Content Organization

On many digital Buyer Sites, many links, files, and videos are shared to throughout the sales process, and there are many different categories of content shared. With the introduction of content groups on Buyer Sites, a seller can organize all of the content on a site into groups so that their buyers can easily find the shared content that they need to access.

  • Content groups can represent products, types of content, dates, etc!
  • Site Owners and Editors can create content groups that help buyers find the content that they are looking for.
  • Content groups can be renamed and reordered by Sellers.
  • Buyers click content groups tabs to see all shared content within that content group when accessing a Buyer Site.
Organize the content on a Buyer Site into Content Groups.

📚 Content

Content Module (BETA)

We are excited to announce the beta version for our Content module within SalesHood! The Content module introduces the next generation of content management functionality within SalesHood, and it is designed to improve all facets of the content management and content publishing experience. Included in the BETA are the following:

  • Modern Library
  • Turnkey Content
  • Archived Content
  • Recently Deleted Content

Modern Library

The modern Library makes managing content in the library simple and easy-to-use. Our brand-new Library experience has been redesigned from the ground up with the content publisher in mind. The modern Library includes the following key features that improve the content management and publishing experience:

  • Drag and drop to reorder Library cards.
  • Simplify content management at scale with bulk actions.
  • Share external assets directly to a Buyer Site from the Library.
  • Re-sync third-party assets that have become out-of-sync.
  • Search for content within the current folder.
  • Asset thumbnails give asset cards context while the publisher is browsing the library.
  • Create shortcuts to surface content in multiple Library folders.
  • Filters allow publishers to narrow down the library content while browsing.
The Modern Library offers a simplified content management experience.

Turnkey Content

Previously, system-wide content such as the SalesHood Templates and Tutorial Huddles were surfaced in the Library alongside all of each company’s content. The Turnkey Content tab now improves the experience of finding and leveraging the out-of-the-box content by centralizing all of this content in one place outside of the Library. The new Turnkey Content tab has the following key functionality:

  • Company Admin, Coaches, and Publishers can access the Turnkey Content tab.
  • All Huddles and Assets in the Turnkey Content tab are read-only.
  • Huddles and Assets can be copied from the Turnkey Content tab into a company’s Library for use in its trainings and other initiatives.
  • Once the Turnkey Content Huddles or Assets are copied to the Library, they can be edited to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Changes to the Turnkey Content Huddles or Assets by the SalesHood team will not affect the copies of these Huddles and Assets.
All SalesHood skills training, templates, and platform training can be found in the Turnkey Content tab of the Content module.

Archived and Recently Deleted Content

The Archived and Recently Deleted tabs allow Coaches and Publishers to access the content that has been removed from the library.

  • The Archived tab displays all content that has been archived from the company’s library at any time.
  • The Recently Deleted tab displays all content that has been deleted from the company’s library within the past 30 days.
  • After 30 days, recently deleted content will be permanently deleted.
Archived and Recently deleted content can be easily found and restored in the Content tab.

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