SalesHood Release – October 2022

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Team Selling with Buyer Sites

In most deals today, there is usually more than one person involved in closing and managing an account. Therefore, it is critical that sellers have a digital sales room that facilitates collaboration among the team that is working together on each deal in the pipeline. With the introduction of seller collaboration on each Buyer Site, sellers and those that support them can now work as a connected team to provide a white-glove digital selling experience for their buyers and close deals faster.

Some key points:

  • Each site has a single owner but can have many editors.
  • Editors can be added and removed by the owner of the site.
  • The owner can transfer ownership to any editor of the site.
  • Editors are able to:
    • manage content on the site
    • participate in the site chat
    • view insights on buyer activity
    • invite buyer contacts
  • Editors are not able to:
    • update the site’s settings
    • invite other editors
    • archive or delete the site
The owner of a site can add editors to the site from the site’s settings tab.

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