SalesHood Release – September 2022

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Buyer Sites Chat

It has never been easier to connect directly with your buyers! SalesHood’s all-new Buyer Sites Chat directly connects buyers and sellers inside of a Buyer Site with open communication. Buyers and sellers alike can say farewell to the days of multiple email threads and lost communications since all content sharing and communication can be found together in the same place. By centralizing all collaboration in a deal to a Buyer Site chat room, sellers can rest assured that their buyers always have access to the most up-to-date information throughout the deal.

Sellers can communicate with all of the buyers on a site using a site-wide chat thread.

Here are a few key points about Buyer Sites Chat:

  • Each Buyer Site has a chat room where the seller and all buyer contacts can participate in a site-wide chat.
  • Sellers are kept informed about the number of unread conversations that they have with in-app notifications.
  • Email notifications keep both buyers and sellers in the loop.
  • The active status for both buyers and sellers is displayed with their avatars at the top of the site so it is clear when everyone is actively viewing the Buyer Site.
  • Buyer contacts can share content with the seller by attaching them through the chat.
  • Sites that do not allow for Contact Collaboration will not contain a chat feed.
  • Chat threads fully support emojis 🥳
  • Contacts are removed from the chat if the seller removes them from the site.
The Inbox will surface all of a seller’s active conversations.
Sellers can easily find the sites that have unread messages that they need to respond to.

Buyer Site Template Enhancements

Buyer Site templates are the quickest way to create a repeatable buyer engagement process for your sellers. Setting up templates increases your sellers’ touch points by enabling them to very quickly create and share sites with their buyers.

Templates just got better with the following enhancements:

  • Templates can now be tagged using the same tagging structure that is available for Library content.
  • Sellers can create a site directly from the template preview.
Sellers can create a template directly from the template preview page.

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