SalesHood Release – Late August 2022

🎓 Learning

Minimum Required Pitch Score

We are very excited to announce that the Minimum Required Pitch Score is here! When rolling out a new pitch, instructional designers can optionally include a minimum score on the pitch so that the participants of the pitch will not pass the Pitch module until they achieve the minimum score on at least one review by a designated grader. This is a great way to ensure that learners are on message before they complete their training and are certified on any messaging. With the minimum required pitch score:

  • Coaches and Publishers can designate the minimum passing score for a pitch when creating or editing a Huddle.
  • A learner will not complete a pitch until they receive at least one review from a grader with a score that is at or above the minimum passing score.
  • Peer reviews do not affect a learner’s completion status of the pitch module with a minimum required score. Only reviews from a grader are considered against the minimum score.
  • After submitting a pitch, a learner can continue with their training as they wait for a grader to leave a review on their submission. The learner is not held up until they receive a passing grade.
  • On the cards for their assigned learning on the homepage, learners can see the status of their pitch when they are waiting for a grader to review their pitch.
  • The minimum passing score can be updated after the Huddle has been published, and the updates will only apply to learners that have not yet completed the pitch module.
  • Updated email notifications are sent to both the learner and the grader regarding the pitch submission and reviews.
Coaches and Publishers can set the minimum required score that learners must achieve to complete their pitch.

🤝 Selling

Buyer Sites Privacy Notice

Since privacy is a top concern for both buyers and sellers worldwide, we have improved the login experience for accessing a Buyer Site as a buyer. When initially logging into a Buyer Site, buyers are assured that the site that they are logging into is private and secure. They also have direct access to the SalesHood Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Buyers have peace-of-mind with regards to privacy when accessing a Buyer Site.

? Support

New Location for Contacting SalesHood Support

We have moved the form to submit a help ticket with the SalesHood Support team to the help menu in the left nav. All users in SalesHood can reach out directly to our Support team by clicking the “Contact Support” option in the help menu.

Log a ticket with SalesHood Support.

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