SalesHood Release – August 2022

🤝 Selling

Contact-Level Insights

Buyer Sites analytics just got even better! We have completely overhauled the Analytics page with the brand-new Insights page. Now, it is easier than ever to know not only who is accessing the Buyer Site but also what those contacts are doing once they get to the site. Sellers now can clearly gauge what content matters to which contact, helping them to tailor their future outreach.

To start off, the Insights page offers a few high-level analytics:

  • Total Site Views – How many times has this site been viewed by my buyers?
  • Total Content Views – How many times have my buyers viewed different content on this site?

The Contacts tab on the Insights page gives sellers the complete picture of how each of your buyer contacts is engaging with the site. It answers the following questions:

  • When was the last time that each contact accessed the site?
  • How has this contact’s engagement with this site changed over time?
  • Day-by-day, how much time has each contact spent on each shared asset?
  • Which assets are each of my contacts engaging with the most?

The Content tab on the Insights page drills into the asset-by-asset activity that has occurred on the site. It answers the following questions:

  • When was the last time that each asset was viewed?
  • How has the engagement with each asset that I have shared changed over time?
  • Day-by-day, who is engaging with the assets that have been shared to the site?
  • Which contacts are most interested in each asset?

The Events tab on the Insights page gives sellers a comprehensive list of each activity that has occurred on the site.

  • Each activity is assigned to a specific Buyer Contact.
  • Sellers can filter this list by contact or by asset.

Understand exactly how your buyers are engaging with your content with the Buyer Sites Insights page.

🎓 Learning

Toggle Between Events in a Recurring Huddle

Previously, when a Huddle event reached its due date in a recurring Huddle, it was automatically archived and users could not refer back to previous Huddles. With this improvement, learners and coaches can access previous events in a recurring Huddle so that they can see the progression of learning over time.

  • Learners can easily navigate back to a previous event to view their submissions and scores from that previous event.
  • Reviews and feedback can be accessed at any time – even after the due date of the recurring Huddle.
  • Reviews can be left o submissions from previous events in the recurring Huddle.
Use the “Recurring Event Due Date” dropdown to switch to a previous event in the recurring Huddle.

Note: This is only available in the Modern UI.

Pitch Leaderboard Improvements

We’ve made a few improvements to the Pitch Module Leaderboard so that you can see more details on each pitch before accessing it:

  • See an indicator if you have left a review on the pitch already.
  • Visually understand how much of the pitch you have already watched in the leaderboard.
  • See each pitch score so that you can focus in on the best pitches.
Leaderboard improvements make it easy to determine which pitch you should watch next!

Remove manual completion override for a Huddle (Modern View)

Manually completion overrides for a Huddle can now be removed in the modern view. To remove a manual completion override:

  1. Select the user(s) that were manually overridden
  2. click the “Remove Override” button.
Remove the manual completion override in the modern view.

Pitch Submission videos are instantly playable after uploading

When uploading videos into SalesHood, users now do not have to wait for a 15-minute processing period before the video is playable. We now support instant playback for most video file types that are uploaded to SalesHood.

Please note that not all video types are supported with instant playback, so some videos may still require a short processing period before they can be played.

📊 Reporting

Exercise Module Questions

Using the report builder, you can now create reports that give you visibility into your exercise modules by showing which questions are contained within each exercise module. Use the Exercise Questions andExercise Question type attributes in the report builder to create these reports.

Build reports that show the questions asked in an exercise module.

Reports containing user-submitted responses to each question are coming soon!

Improved Data Refresh Schedule

The data in the KPI Dashboards and Report Builder will now be refreshed approximately every 2.5 hours, providing more up-to-date reports for your revenue teams.

🌐 API & Integrations

Learning Path and Library Content Webhooks

We have expanded our list of webhooks to trigger notifications for the following events:

  • Learning Path Published
  • Learning Path Completed
  • Learning Path Archived
  • Learning Path Deleted
  • Learning Path Updated
  • Asset Created
  • Asset Updated
  • Asset Archived
  • Asset Deleted

Our API Documentation can be found here.

Slack Integration: Story and Deal Win Notifications

Keep your entire revenue organization up-to-date with the latest stories and deal wins posted into SalesHood with slack notifications. This integration will post a message to a slack channel each time a story or a deal win is posted in SalesHood.

Keep everyone in the loop about the latest Stories and Deal Wins using the slack integration.

Self-help setting up this integration at our Integrations Marketplace!

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