SalesHood Release – June 2022

🎓 Learning

Pitch Module in the Modern View

The Modern View for the Pitch module is officially here! With the modern pitch, we are offering all of the same functionality that the pitch module has in the classic view plus some exciting new improvements that are designed to help get your sellers on message FAST. Here is a list of some of the improvements that we have made:

  • Modern experience that is consistent with the Video and Exercise modules.
  • Drag-and-drop publishing experience.
  • Scorecard section that shows the average score of the pitch as well as each criteria’s score.
  • New upload process that allows learners to include a pitch description and any supporting assets.
  • Searchable, stack-ranked leaderboard showing the thumbnail from each pitch submitted.
  • Updated reviews section that better supports coaching feedback and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Learners can submit multiple pitches to the same pitch module.
  • Publishers can add descriptions to each criteria in the Pitch module.
  • Any Subject Matter Expert can be listed as a grader for a pitch (regardless of their role).
The Modern pitch module makes it easy to get your reps on message.

🤝 Selling

Buyer Site Contact Identification

Sellers have been able to share content with their buyers through Buyer Sites, however they were previously in the dark about which of their contacts were actually accessing the site. With the addition of contact identification, Sellers now know exactly which of their buyers are accessing their Buyer Sites. Key Improvements with contact identification:

  • Sellers have access to a list of all of the contacts that have accessed the Buyer Site.
  • All Buyer contacts are required to authenticate and identify themselves when accessing a Buyer Site.
  • No passwords! Buyers will authenticate using Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, or an email with a Magic Link.
  • Contact information is collected from all contacts that access the Buyer Site regardless of who the seller initially shared the site with.
For each of their Buyer Sites, sellers have access to a list of each contact that has accessed the site.

Access Control for Buyer Sites

We didn’t stop at identifying contacts. Now that we know who each contact is that is accessing a Buyer Site, we also have added in access control for sellers to have full control over which contacts are able to access their sites.

  • Sellers can create Public or Private Buyer Sites.
  • Contact identification will occur for both public and private sites, but only private sites have access control.
  • Sellers can whitelist specific domains to automatically approve access for contacts that have an email address with the domain.
  • Sellers can add specific contacts to a Buyer Site.
  • Buyers can request access to a Buyer Site if they have not yet been approved.
  • Sellers can deny access to specific contacts.
Sellers can create public or private Buyer Sites
Buyers can request access to a site if they do not yet have access.
Sellers can deny access to a site.

Share a Buyer Site via email

Sellers can now share their Buyer Sites to contacts via email!

  • Sellers do not need to copy and paste the shareable link.
  • Sellers can share a Buyer Site with multiple contacts at once.
  • When the site is shared via email, contacts are auto-approved for access on private sites.
  • Sellers can include a personalized message in the email invitation.
  • Sellers can resend the invitation.
  • Buyers receive an email notification with direct access to the Buyer Site.
Invite contacts to a Buyer Site via email or grab the shareable link!
Buyer contacts receive an email notification to join the site.

📊 Reporting

Module-level Reporting in the Report Builder

You can now create custom reports that contain module-level data so that you can see how your team is progressing through their training. Reports can contain the following information about modules within Huddles:

  • Title
  • Type
  • Optional Status
  • URL
  • Order that the module appears in the Huddle
  • User Count
  • # of users that have completed the module
  • # of users that have not completed the module
  • % of users that have completed the module
  • Module completion % (user-by-user)
Report on module-level data using the report builder.

% of users that have completed a Path/Huddle/Module

Build reports that show the % of participants that have completed a unit of training.

  • Use the Huddle Event – % Completed metric in the report builder to create this report for Huddles.

Huddle Type

To make Huddles easier to find in the report builder, we have simplified the Huddle Event attribute so that it only shows the Huddle’s Title. We have also added in the Huddle Event Type attribute so that you can filter the huddle events to see huddles that are open or scheduled.

Learning Path Type

Similar to what we have done with the Huddle, we have simplified the Learning Path attribute so that it contains only the path’s title. We have given the Learning Path Type attribute its own attribute so that you can filter paths based on their type.

Huddle order in a Path

Sort your reports by the order that a Huddle appears in a path by including the new Huddle Order in Path attribute in your reports.

🌐 Integrations API

Additional Webhooks for Huddles

We have expanded our list of webhooks to trigger notifications for the following events:

  • Huddle is archived
  • Huddle is deleted

Out API docs can be found here.

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