SalesHood Release – May 2022

🤝 Selling

Buyer Sites Templates

Drive alignment in the content that your revenue teams are sharing by providing sellers with a library of Buyer Sites templates. With the introduction of Buyer Site Templates, sellers now have quick access to a library of curated templates that are pre-filled with the right content for any selling scenario. Templates save your sellers time when creating Buyer Sites so that they can focus their attention on closing more deals.

  • Coach users can create and manage templates.
  • Manager, Publisher, and Individual users can leverage templates to create a new site.
  • Permissions can be assigned to templates so that only specific users, teams, groups, and segments can use them.
  • Templates can be published for use by the team or can be in a draft state when they are being built.
  • Templates can be built from scratch or created from an existing Buyer Site.
  • Sellers can preview a template before they use it to create a new site.
Create a library of templates that increases seller efficiency when creating sites to engage with buyers.

📊 Reporting

Improved Data Refresh Rate

We have continued to make improvements to the data refresh rate of the KPI Dashboard and Report Builder and have reduced the refresh time period by 25%.

  • Data in the KPI Dashboard and Report Builder is refreshed approximately every 3.5 hours.
  • The data that is displayed will be 3.5 to 7 hours behind the current time.
  • The date and time of the last data refresh is displayed directly above the KPI Dashboards and Report Builder.
Data is refreshed approximately every 3.5 hours.

🌐 Integrations

We have officially launched the SalesHood Integrations Marketplace! The integrations marketplace is a one-stop shop to find and configure integrations to your SalesHood Instance. It has never been easier to connect SalesHood into the rest of your revenue tech stack.

  • Self-help integrations allow you to connect SalesHood to other systems without needing assistance from the SalesHood team.
  • Easy 3-step process to get new integrations up and running in no time.
  • 2 Integrations are currently available on the marketplace: Degreed and Slack.
Setting up integrations is as easy as 1-2-3!

🔩 Platform

Product Ideas Board

We want to hear from you! With the addition of our new Product Ideas Board, you can gain insight into the major product enhancements that we are considering for our roadmap as well as let us know how important each of those is for you and your business. This gives you a direct channel for feedback to the Saleshood product team.

  • Access the Product ideas board using the (?) icon in the left nav.
  • Give us feedback on our current roadmap considerations and submit new ideas to our product team.
The Product Ideas Board gives you a direct feedback channel to the SalesHood Product team.

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