SalesHood Release – March 2022

🎓 Learning

Exercise Module in the Modern View

We have just rolled out the modern view for our exercise module! The new exercise module offers the following improvements:

  • Consistent experience with the other modules in the modern view.
  • Drag-and-drop to build the list of questions in the exercise
  • Focus on one user’s submissions at a time.
  • Navigate between submissions using the Submissions leaderboard.
  • View and download files uploaded directly in the exercise module.

⚠️ As part of the exercise module rollout, we have deprecated the Discovery and Deal Win exercise question types. These have been deprecated for both the modern and classic views. All previous Discovery and Deal Win question types have been converted to the Text question type.

Experience the new modern view for the Exercise module.

Auto-switch Between Modern and Classic Views

Its now easier than ever to enjoy the new modern Huddle view. In this release, we have included the option to opt into auto-switch between the modern and classic Huddle views. By opting into the modern view, learners will experience the modern view for all available modules and the classic view for all modules that are not yet available. No manual switch necessary!

Opt-into auto-switching between the Modern and Classic views.

📚 Content

Pin a Pitch

Showcase gold-standard pitches to the rest of the organization by pinning pitches to the Essential Content section of the Homepage. Coaches and Publishers are now able to pin pitch submissions directly to the homepage to drive peer-to-peer engagement and highlight top pitches.

Only users that have access to the pitch module will see pinned pitch submissions surfaced on their homepage.

Pitches can be pinned to the Essential Content on the homepage.

Hide programs on Homepage Assigned Learning

Learners can now take control of the programs that are displayed on their homepage, keeping their focus on the programs that matter to them. Users can hide programs from view in each of the Assigned Learning tabs on their homepage. Hidden programs can later be unhidden.

All of the programs that a user has completed will be displayed in the “Recently Completed” tab, but programs will be hidden from this tab automatically 30 days after the completion date.

Hide programs from view on the Homepage.

Pitch Submissions in the “New” content on the Homepage

Pitch Submissions are now submissions are now surfaced in the “New” tab of the Content Spotlight on the Homepage. Sellers now have easy access to watching and reviewing their peers’ pitch submissions accelerating peer-to-peer learning.

Only users that have access to the pitch module will see new pitch submissions surfaced on their homepage.

New Pitch Submissions will be surfaced in the “New” tab of the Content Spotlight.

🤝 Selling

New Buyer Site Layout

Buyer Sites have all received a facelift! We have updated the look and feel of Buyer Sites with the following improvements:

  • Seller’s contact information is now in the header of the site so that the focus of the site is on the shared content.
  • The list of shared content is now scrollable and has been moved to the left of the content that is currently displayed.
  • The type of content is now displayed in the list of shared content for each piece of content displayed.

Control File Downloads for Buyers

Sellers now can control whether or not their buyers can download the files and videos that have been shared to a Buyer Site. When sharing any files or videos to a Buyer Site, a seller can either enable or disable downloads for each piece of content. When disabled, the seller can still download their shared content, but the buyer cannot.

Sellers can enable or disable allowing buyers to download shared content.

Descriptions for Shared Content

Sellers can now include a description to each piece of content that is added to a site. Descriptions can be used to give additional context to the content that has been shared. If content is added to a site from the library, the description will be defaulted to the description from the library but can be changed later.

Sellers can include descriptions on shared content to give buyers additional context.

📊 Reporting

Improved Data Refresh Schedule

In order to give you more up-to-date reporting, we have improved the data refresh schedule for your custom reports. The data in both the KPI Dashboards and the Reports Builder will now be refreshed 6 times per day.

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