SalesHood Release – Late March 2022

🤝 Selling

Controlled access for file uploads

Worried your teams uploading their own unapproved content to the Buyer Sites that they are sharing with the market? Worry no more! Company admin users now have full control over restricting who in their organization can upload links and files to a Buyer Site.

  • Company admin can select the Users, Groups, Teams, and Segments that are allowed to upload their own content to a Buyer Site.
  • Users that cannot upload their own content to a site can still add approved, external-facing library content and record videos to add to a site.
Company admin can choose who can upload their own content to a Buyer Site from the Company Settings page.

📊 Reporting

Buyer Sites Content Reporting

Gain a better understanding of how your sellers are using your content as well as how the market is engaging with each external-facing asset that you have in your library with our content-level Buyer Sites reporting. Answer the following questions (and more!):

  • Which content has been shared to which sites?
  • To how many sites has each asset been shared?
  • Which content is viewed and downloaded the most (by buyers)?
  • Which content are buyers spending the most time viewing?
Report on how your content is being shared with and engaged by the market.

Outdated Content Audit

Stay up-to-date on how often your training and assets living in your library are used. When running an audit on all of the content living in your library, the Last View Date attribute can be used to determine if your teams are still using content or if it is outdated and irrelevant.

  • Report on when the last time that Huddles, Learning Paths, and Links/Files were last viewed.
Identify outdated content by reporting on when it was last viewed.

Tag and Tag Group Reporting

Tag reporting now includes Tag Groups. Use the Tag Group attribute to see which Tags are included in which Tag Groups.

  • Quickly audit your tagging structure by creating a report.
  • Report on how many assets are in each tag.
  • Run a report that shows all of the files that belong to each tag.
Build reports that show how your content is tagged.

🌎 Localization

New Languages Available

Enable more of your team across the globe with full platform support for the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)

Each of the above languages is available in a full beta launch.

🌐 Integrations API

We are excited to announce a beta launch of our brand-new Integrations API. This API will be openly available to connect your SalesHood instance to any other system. In our Beta launch, we are focusing in on connecting SalesHood to LXP platforms, but we will be expanding our integration reach to other types of system very soon with the upcoming launch of our integrations marketplace. Stay tuned!


Our webhooks allow the SalesHood Integrations API to inform a remote application when changes have occurred. A great use-case for webhooks is to create a course in an LXP system automatically when a Huddle is published in SalesHood. We have included the following event subscriptions in our beta launch:

  • Huddle is published
  • Huddle is completed

API documentation can be found at:

📱 Mobile

Modern Huddle Experience on the Mobile App

The modern Huddle Experience is finally here on the Mobile App! With this Mobile app update, you can find the following improvements:

  • Easy navigation to complete each module in a Huddle.
  • Swipe between modules in the mobile app.
  • View slides synced to a video module.
  • Leaderboards containing peer submissions.
  • Simplified experience with an increased focus on mobile learning efficiency.

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