SalesHood Release – February 2022

📚 Content

Selective Pinning of Essential Content

When pinning content to the Essential Content, coaches and publishers now have the ability to choose who should see that pinned content on their homepage.

✅ Coaches and publishers select the users, groups, teams, and segments that should see the pinned content.

✅ Choose to pin content to none of the users, all users, or specific users, groups, teams, and segments in the system.

✅ Users will only see the Essential Content that has been pinned if they belong to the list of users, groups, teams or segments where the content is pinned.

Choose the Users, Groups, Teams, and Segments that should see this pinned content.

Pin Learning Paths to the Essential Content

Learning Paths have now been added to the list of content that is able to be pinned to the essential content.

Pin a Learning Path by clicking the pin icon.

Homepage Curator

The Homepage Curator is your one-stop destination for managing the content that is displayed on the homepage for all of your users in your Hood. Coaches and Publishers can update the list of Essential Content and can control the Trending content from here.

✅ View and curate a global list of the content that has been pinned to the Essential Content. Edit and remove the pins directly from here.

✅ Configure the time period for the Trending content in the Content Spotlight on the Homepage.
Example: When 30 days is selected, the Trending section will display a ranked list of the content with the most views over the past 30 days.

Curate the global list of Essential Content from the Homepage Curator.

🤝 Selling

Duplicate a Buyer Site

Sellers can now easily reuse sites that they have already created for another account by duplicating the site and renaming it.

✅ Sellers can duplicate any of their own sites.

✅ Duplicating a buyer site will copy the title, welcome message, and any shared content over to a new site.

✅ Engagement analytics will not be transferred to the duplicate site.

Duplicate a site by choosing the “Duplicate Site” option in the ellipsis menu from the “My Sites” list.

Coaches, Managers, and Publishers can access Buyer Sites created by their team

We’ve just expanded access to a seller’s buyer sites so that their coaches and managers can review their sites to provide coaching feedback about how the seller is engaging with their buyers.

✅ Managers, Publishers, and Coaches have access to the “Other Sites” tab where they can access sites created by other users.

✅ Managers and Publishers can access the sites that the members of their team have created.

✅ Coaches have global access to all sites.

The “Other Sites” tab contains the sites created by other sellers.

📊 Reporting

Each KPI Dashboard that has been shared now has its own unique URL so that dashboards can now be easily shared across the organization.

✅ Copy the direct link to a dashboard using the “Share Dashboard” button.

✅ Paste the dashboard URL into the scheduled email to allow the email recipients to directly access the KPI Dashboard in SalesHood.

Click “Share Dashboard” to copy the direct link to a KPI dashboard.

Filter the participants in an Open Huddle by a Learning Path

When building reports in the Reports Builder, you can now filter the participants of an Open Huddle if the Open Huddle is used across multiple Learning Paths.

✅ Filter reports so that only the participants of a Learning Path are displayed for Open Huddles using the “Learning Path” attribute as a filter.

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