SalesHood Release – Late December 2021

Welcome to our Late December 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • New Homepage UI
  • Buyer Sites Link and File Analytics
  • Reporting Enhancements

Check out these new improvements in detail below.


✨ New Homepage UI ✨

💡 Our homepage has just received a much needed facelift!  Not only does it have a fresh new look, but we have also included a few enhancements to make sure that your sales teams stay up-to-date with quick and easy access to the newest and most up-to-date content.The “Essentials” section contains all of the programs and  content that have been pinned to the Homepage.

✅ The “Assigned Learning” section is a rep’s go-to place to see all of the learning that they are currently working on as well as the learning that they have recently completed.  

✅ Programs will remain in the “Recently Completed” tab for 30 days after their completion date.

✅ Coaches, Publishers, and Managers will see the “Hosted By Me” tab, which contains all of the programs that they are hosting.  Each program shows how many of the program’s participants have completed it.

✅ The “Content Spotlight” section is a rep’s go-to resource for staying up to date with the hot and new content in the Library.

✅ The “Trending” tab surfaces the content that has been engaged with the most in the Library.  It is designed to show sellers what content their peers are using the most so that sellers can learn from their peers.

✅ The “New” tab gives sellers a feed containing all of the new content that has recently been made available to them.

✅ The “Bookmarks” tab contains all of a seller’s bookmarked content, giving easy access to the content that each seller has saved.

The new Homepage UI surfaces the most relevant training and content directly to your sellers.

💡 We have also expanded our analytics functionality in Buyer Sites to include engagement for Links and Files that are shared to a Buyer Site.  Now, sellers have full visibility into how their buyers are engaging with all of the content that is shared to a Buyer Site, no matter what type of content it is.

✅ For links, sellers have insight into how many times the link has been viewed, how much time the buyer spends on each link, and how many times the link has been opened in a new tab.

✅ For files, sellers have insight into how many times the file has been viewed, how much time the buyer spends on each file, and how many times the file has been downloaded.

✅ We have also enhanced our video sharing analytics by tracking the number of times a video has been downloaded.

Sellers now have insight into how their buyers are engaging with the link and file content shared to a Buyer Site.

Reporting Enhancements 📈

Pitch Submission Criteria 🎙

💡 You can now report on the scores given to each pitch submission by the scorecard criteria of the Pitch.  The new “Pitch Module Criteria” attribute and “Pitch Module Criteria Score” measure in the Reports Builder give you visibility into how your teams are scoring against the criteria that they are graded on in each pitch.

Huddle Views

💡 Our new ‘Huddle Event Views” attribute in the reports builder gives you reporting visibility into how much engagement your huddles are getting.  Report on the overall number of views for a Huddle or the number of times each user has viewed a Huddle.

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