SalesHood Release – December 2021

Welcome to our December 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • Modern Huddle UI – Overview Module
  • Modern Huddle UI – Video Module
  • Buyer Sites – Link and File Sharing
  • Add Library content to a Buyer Site

Check out these new improvements in detail below or click here to access the release demo videos in the SalesHood Community.

Modern Huddle UI

We are very excited to announce that we have released our first wave of our brand-new modern UI for the Huddle.  Our modern Huddle UI delivers a simplified learning experience for Sales Reps as well as a delightful content authoring experience for our program creators.  Its amazing.  We can’t wait for you to see it!

In this release, we have included the new UI for the Overview and Video modules.  Over the coming months, our plan is to continue to roll out the new UI module-by-module until we are fully transitioned to the new UI.

Overview Page

The Huddle Overview page contains all of the Huddle’s foundational information.  It lets learners know what the Huddle is all about, and it is the first step in the Huddle creation process.  Here are some of the highlights of the new Overview page UI:

  • Advanced Program Artwork creator enables the easy creation of beautiful Huddle artwork.
  • Description, Instructions, and Outcomes tabs emphasize the important information of the Huddle.
  • The large Module and Resources lists get learners to their training and content faster.
  • The leaderboard, settings, and non-essential information are all displayed as separate options in the left menu panel so that the focus remains on the most important content and information.
  • Drag-and-Drop module creation and ordering creates a quick and easy publishing process.
Drag-and-drop content creation in the modern Huddle view.

Video Module

By far, the most important Huddle module is the video module.  With the following improvements, learners and content creators now have an incredible video-watching experience:

  • Drag-and-Drop module elements to quickly create an engaging video module.
  • Timestamps in the description of the video module allow content creators to surface important moments in the video.
  • The larger video player allows all learners to focus on the video while they complete their training.
  • Drag-and-Drop to resize the video player and synced slides.
  • Easily navigate to any other module in the Huddle from the left panel.
Drag-and-drop to resize the video player and slides.

Switch between Classic and Modern UI

With the release of the modern Huddle UI, we allow you to opt-in to viewing the modern UI while still fully supporting the classic UI.

  • When in the classic view for the Overview and Video module, click the Switch to Modern View button to view the modern UI.
  • When in the modern view for any page, click the Switch to Classic View button to view the classic UI.
  • For all module types besides the video module, you will be prompted to switch back to the classic UI to view the module’s content.
Easily switch between the classic and modern Huddle views.

Buyer Sites

Throughout the sales process, sellers routinely find the need to share content with their buyers.  This content can come in many different forms such as video content, links, files, etc.  We are pleased to announce that we now support sharing links and files through Buyer Sites in addition to video content.

  • Share any link or file to a Buyer Site.
  • Links and files are previewed in-line on a Buyer Site.
  • Drag-and-Drop to reorder the shared content on a Buyer Site.
  • Maintain permission-based access by adding files to a Buyer Site from Google Drive or another CMS.
  • Easily embed youtube links in a Buyer Site.
Shared links and files will be displayed in-line on a Buyer Site.

Share Library Content

Since Buyer Sites is a native-built SalesHood feature, it is seamlessly connected to the library.  From their Buyer Sites, sellers can access all of the sharable content from the SalesHood library and add it directly into their Buyer Site.

  • Content owners have full control over which content sellers are able to share externally using the “External Facing” tag.
  • Sellers have easy access to share any of the external facing content directly to their Buyer Sites.
Easily share external-facing library content to a Buyer Site.


Buyer Sites Reporting

Using the Reports Builder, you can now create your own custom reports for Buyer Sites.  Report on how many Buyer Sites each of your sellers has created as well as how many times each of those sites has been accessed by a buyer.

Report on the Buyer Sites that your reps have shared.

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