SalesHood Release – September 2021

Welcome to our September 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • Search Logic Improvements
  • Search UI/UX Improvements
  • Advanced Search Filtering

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

📈 Improvements

Search Logic Improvements 🔎🧠

💡 What’s the best way to improve a search?  Make the search results more relevant, of course!  Knowing this, we’ve updated our search logic so that the most relevant search results will be displayed at the top of your results.  Getting you to the content that you are looking for faster allows you to spend less time searching and more time SELLING.

✅ Advanced logic emphasizes the Title, Description, and Content of your search results.

Find the content you are looking for faster with the new search logic.

Search UI/UX Improvements 🤩

💡 We’ve just given our Search a makeover, and it looks FRESH!  Simple, modern, and intuitive are the words that come to mind when we think of the new look.

✅ Filters are now displayed above the search results

✅ Only the most relevant details are displayed in the quick view details.

✅ The left panel provides easy access to the library.

Modern UI/UX for the Advanced Search

Advanced Search Filtering ⛔️

💡 Filtering search results in SalesHood has gotten a big facelift in this release, and for good reason.  Filtering is the best way to narrow down your search results so that you can get to your content faster.  Filtering results is now a quick and easy process enabling you to quickly drill down to the content that you are searching for.

✅ Filters are displayed right above the search results.

✅ The Type and Location filters are always displayed.

✅ Add additional filters by clicking the + More Filters button. 

✅ Each filter dropdown is multi-select, allowing you full customization over what results are displayed.

✅ Use multiple filters together to narrow down search results.

✅ “OR” logic within a filter’s values; “AND” logic among different filters

Use filters to narrow down your search results.

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