SalesHood Release – Late August 2021

Welcome to our Late August 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • SalesLoft Integration
  • Hierarchy Report
  • SkillsHood Auto-Redirect

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨ New Features

SalesLoft Integration πŸ“„πŸ“«

πŸ’‘ We are so excited to announce the release of our integration with SalesLoft!  This integration delivers your SalesHood Library directly to your sellers as they utilize SalesLoft to engage with their buyers. Find, share, and track the content that your sellers need to close more deals faster using SalesHood Presentations with SalesLoft.

βœ… Access sharable content with access to the SalesHood Library.

βœ… Find content just-in-time by searching for the content that matters in the moment.

βœ… Share content with buyers by creating and inserting shareable links in your email cadences.

βœ… Simple, one-click install to get the integration up and running in your SalesLoft instance.

βœ… Check it out on the SalesLoft App Directory:

Share content from your SalesHood Library directly into your SalesLoft cadences.

Hierarchy Report πŸ“Š

πŸ’‘ Getting you the data that you need in the easiest, most efficient way possible has long been a top priority of ours.  We’ve just made a big improvement to our reports builder to enable you to pull reports on all levels of your organization’s user hierarchy.  The hierarchy reports give insights into the completion and performance data for each management-level user and aggregate the data for everyone beneath them in the org chart. 

βœ… Identify which Managers, Directors, VPs, and above are leading their teams to high completion & performance in SalesHood, and which are falling behind.

βœ… Evaluate the performance of each management-level in your organization.

βœ… Report on up to 10 levels of your user hierarchy – 9 levels of management & one level of individual contributors.

βœ… The hierarchy is auto-generated based on each user’s primary manager.

Aggregate the data beneath each management-level employee in your org.

SkillsHood Auto-Redirect πŸ”€

πŸ’‘ SkillsHood is the best way to roll out the SalesHood platform organization-wide.  Now, with our new auto-redirect, it has never been easier to make the change from SalesHood to SkillsHood.  Whether your organization has like to SalesHood stored across multiple places or your users have SalesHood links bookmarked, we will now auto-redirect users to the correct page in the SkillsHood instance if they attempt to access a SalesHood link after the instance-wide switch to SkillsHood has been made.

βœ… Make the switch to SkillsHood today without worrying about updating any of the links that you may have stored across your file/information ecosystem.

βœ… After changing from SalesHood to SkillsHood, all URLs that previously used the domain will automatically redirect users to the correct SkillsHood domain.

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