SalesHood Release – August 2021

Welcome to our August 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • SCIM Group Operations
  • Multi-Language Transcription
  • UI Consistency

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨ New Features

SCIM Group Operations πŸ‘₯

πŸ’‘ User provisioning through our SCIM APIs has long been a standard part of our offering to help relieve the manual work of user management in your system.  We are proud to announce that we have just expanded our SCIM offering to not only include User operations, but Group operations too.  Now, you can fully manage your User Groups through our SCIM APIs.

βœ… Create New Groups

βœ… Rename Current Groups

βœ… Add & Remove Users from a Group

βœ… Delete Groups

Use the SCIM API to manage your users and groups.

Multi-Language Transcription

πŸ’‘ As part of our initiative to have a localized product offering for users across the globe, we now offer video transcription in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese (simplified), and Japanese.

βœ… Videos will be initially transcribed in the default language of the user that uploaded the video.

βœ… The video can be re-transcribed in another language by opening any video transcript and selecting Transcription Settings > Update Language.

βœ… Coaches, Publishers, and the user that uploaded the video can update the transcript language.

❗️ Videos can only be transcribed in the language that they are recorded in. Transcriptions are not translated.

Update the transcript language from the Transcription Settings in the video player of any video.

πŸ“ˆ Improvements

UI Consistency 🀩

πŸ’‘ As you’re browsing around the platform, you may notice that it looks a bit more uniform and consistent overall.  We have taken the first step toward our new UI by updating the style of all buttons and components across the platform to be consistent.  As we approach the end of the year, we will be rolling out more and more UI updates to accomplish our goal of delivering a brand-new, modern user interface!

πŸ“Š Analytics

Learning Path Completion Date

Report on dates participants complete learning paths.  You can combine this with learning path start dates to find out how long it takes for participants to complete learnings paths.

Pitches submitted but not reviewed

Report on a list reviewers that need to review pitches.  You can do this by compiling the list of users and pitch reviewers, then filter by Pitch Module Is Reviewed.  This can help you keep find out which coaches and manager that you need to nudge! 

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