SalesHood Release – July 2021

Welcome to our July 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • Badge Expiration Period
  • Right-Click to Open Content in a New Tab

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨ New Features

Badge Expiration Period 🏅

💡 SalesHood badges are a great way to celebrate accomplishments and track certifications.  In this release, we have added an optional expiration period that can be attached to badges.  Now, you can designate how long a badge is valid for after the badge has been awarded to your reps.  This is especially useful when creating badges that represent certifications that must be renewed on an annual basis!

✅ When creating a badge, use the optional badge expiration period to specify the number of months that the badge is valid for.

✅ When a user earns a badge, the badge’s expiration date is dynamically set based on the date that it was awarded to the user.

✅ Once a user is awarded a badge, the user will not lose the badge for any reason until the badge has expired.

✅ A badge’s expiration date will be updated dynamically each time the user satisfies all of the badge’s criteria.

✅ Optionally choose to auto-renew a badge so that a user’s expiration date will be extended by another expiration period if the user still satisfies all of the badge’s criteria on the expiration date.

✅ The badge’s expiration date is included when pushing the badge to LinkedIn!

Create badge’s with dynamic expiration periods to represent certifications that expire after a period of time.
Use “auto-renew” to renew badges automatically if the criteria of the badge is still satisfied on the expiration date.

📈 Improvements

Right-click to Open Content in a New Tab 🆕

💡 Sometimes, a small improvement can go a long way.  This is one of those small improvements.  You can now right-click any content across the entire platform and open it in a new tab.  Spend less time navigating and more time learning, coaching, and selling!

✅ Improve your workflow and efficiency by opening Huddles in a new tab while viewing the schedule of a Learning Path.

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