SalesHood Release – June 2021

Welcome to our June 2021 release!

Please join us for a release webinar on June 17th at 9:30 am PST. Register here!


This release includes the following:

  • Public & Private Learning Paths
  • Manager & Publisher Access to KPI Dashboards

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨New Features

Public & Private Learning Paths

💡 Following our recent release of Public & Private Huddle Events, we are proud to announce the availability of Public & Private Learning Paths!  Create a Learning Path and set it’s publicity to Public to allow your reps to self-enroll in it.  It’s never been easier to self-help training content on SalesHood.

✅ Public Learning Paths allow all users to self-enroll in it, while Private Learning Paths can only be accessed by those that are assigned to them.

✅ Find Public Learning Paths in the Library, through the Search, or on the Paths page.

✅ Self-enrolled participants can leave a Public Learning Path that they have joined.  Assigning reps to a Public Learning Path prevents them from leaving it.

✅ Before joining a Public LP, users can preview the LP Schedule.

Set the Publicity of a Learning Path as you are creating it…
… or change the Publicity setting for all current Learning Paths.

Any user can join a Public Learning Path by clicking the “Join path” button.


Manager & Publisher Access to KPI Dashboards

💡Extend access to reporting to your entire management team!  Starting today, you can grant access to the KPI Dashboard tab in the Reports module for your Publishers and Managers.  Drive alignment across your entire organization by allowing all management-level employees to have access to reporting.

✅ Choose whether you want your managers and publishers to have access to KPI Dashboards in your Company Settings.

✅ When given access, Managers and Publishers have access to all reports in the KPI Dashboard.

✅ Managers and Publishers cannot create reports using the Reports Builder.

From the Company Settings, a company admin can grant KPI Dashboard access to Managers and Publishers.
Managers and Publishers can access KPI dashboards, but they cannot create or edit reports in the Builder.


Pitch Module Grader

Report on the grades given by pitch graders by using pitch module grader as a filter

Program Start Date

Report on dates participants start and complete their huddles and learning paths.  For scheduled programs, you can combine this huddle due date to understand participants who complete the programs within the due date.

File Type

Report on engagement of your content by file types

Huddle Duration

Report on the duration of huddles completed by your reps to see the number of hours your reps spend on learning using huddles

Calculated Measures

Create calculated measures to create customized reports.  This allows you to create customized metrics using multiple measures in your analysis.  Calculations can include two metrics using any of the following functions: Sum / Difference / Ratio / Multiplication / Change

Please join us for a release webinar on June 17th at 9:30 am PST. Register here!

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