SalesHood Release – May 2021

Welcome to our May 2021 release!


This release includes the following:

  • Keep My Pitch Private
  • Public & Private Huddle Events
  • Rename Synced Library Content
  • Breadcrumb Trail Enhancement 

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨New Features

Keep My Pitch Private

💡 Pitch practice is a key piece of the sales learning and coaching process.  We have found that it can be intimidating for some sales reps to submit a pitch in a huddle with many of their colleagues and peers.  In order to break down any barriers that may be holding people back from submitting their pitches, we are introducing the ability to keep a pitch submission private to only the user and their managers & coaches after the pitch has been submitted.

✅ When creating a huddle, content creators can control whether the participants can keep their pitch private.

✅ After posting a pitch, participants can choose to keep their pitch private.

✅ If a participant chooses to keep their pitch private, then other individuals and unrelated managers cannot view the pitch.

When creating a Huddle, give your Huddle participants the option to keep their pitch private.
Individuals and unrelated managers will not be able to view a private pitch.

Public & Private Huddle Events

💡 Scheduled Huddles allow your Coaches, Publishers, and Managers to schedule and assign Huddles to their teams.  Open Huddles allow anyone in your instance that has access to a Huddle to access the training in the Huddle.  The question that you have all asked is “What if we want to do both?”  Now you can with the introduction of Public Huddle events!

✅ When creating a Huddle event, the host can choose to make it either Public or Private.

✅ Anyone can join a Public Huddle event and self-enroll as a participant.

✅ Participants that have been assigned to a Huddle event are not able to leave it.  Those that have self-enrolled can freely leave the Huddle event.

✅ Private Huddle events are restricted to only the participants that have been assigned to it.

Join a Public Huddle event by clicking the “Join” button. Once joined, the participant will be self-enrolled in the Huddle event.
View all of the Public and Private Huddle events that have been created from a Huddle template.


Rename Synced Library Content

💡 Syncing content to the SalesHood Library from your content management system is a great way to streamline the process for reps to access content. To facilitate easy access to sales content, you can now ensure that all of your synced files have sales-friendly names by renaming your synced content in the SalesHood library.

✅ Coaches and Publishers can now rename files synced from external systems.

✅ Search for the renamed content using the Global Search.

💡 Previously, clicking the title of a Learning Path in the breadcrumb trail brought you back to the Learning Path’s “Start Here” page.  This caused an extra click to get you back to your work.  We’ve streamlined this process and cut out the unnecessary click.

✅ Clicking on the title of a Learning Path in the breadcrumb trail will navigate you back to the Learning Path’s “Schedule” page.

Click on the Learning Path title in the breadcrumb trail to return to the Schedule page.

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