SalesHood Release – April 2021


In this release, we’ve added the following:

  • Category-Level Library Permissions
  • Assign Graders to Pitches

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨New Features

Category-Level Library Permissions📁⛔️

💡 SalesHood’s library is the go-to place for your reps to find and access programs, content, and collateral.  Acting as a repository for the content that serves your entire Sales organization, the Library was previously an open repository with limited access control.  With the addition of Category-Level Permissions, you can now set up a system of governance around your Library content. 

✅ For each Category in the Library, access permissions can be assigned based on the User, Team, Group, or Segment.

✅ Users with access permission to a Library category will have access to all of the content that lives immediately in the category.

✅ Users will be able to access the categories that contain programs that they are participating in, but they will only see the other content in that category if they are given permission to access the category’s content.

✅ Individuals and Managers will only be able to access the categories in the library that they have access to.

✅ Coaches and Publishers have global access to all categories in the Library.

The category’s permissions can be accessed by clicking the ellipsis menu on a category in the Library.
If controlled access for the category’s content is ON, then only the users, teams, groups, and segments that are given permission to the category will be able to view and access the content in the category.
The advanced search will only display the content and categories that an individual or manager user has access to.

Assign Graders to a Pitch📋

💡 Pitch practice is an effective way to get your reps on message. Peer-to-peer comments as well as coaching feedback are both critical to helping your reps improve fast, but it can be useful to separate the coaching from the peer feedback.  You can now designate specific graders for each pitch in the system so that peer and coaching feedback can be separated.

✅ Choose the primary manager, secondary manager(s), and/or select specific Coaches and Publishers to be the designated Grader for a pitch.

✅ After your reps submit their pitch, each of the Graders of the pitch will receive an email notification as well as an in-app coaching task.

✅ The “Average Score” metric gives the average score given from every review on the pitch.  The “Avg. Grader Score” metric gives the average score given by the designated Graders of the pitch.

When creating a pitch module, designate the graders for the pitch.
After a pitch has been submitted, the average score given by the Grader(s) of the pitch will be displayed as the Avg. Grader Score.
Drill down into the scores given by the graders of the pitch for each submission.


Pitch Views Report

💡 Track the engagement of your pitches by building reports in the Reports Builder that show the number of views that each submission in a pitch module has received.

Report on the number of views that each pitch submission has received.

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