SalesHood Release – March 2021

Welcome to our mid-March 2021 release!


With this release, we’ve added the following:

  • Share My Pitch
  • Self-Paced Scheduled Huddle Events

As usual, we’ve also made a few enhancements to our reporting engine as well.

Check out these new improvements in detail below.

✨New Features

Share My Pitch🎙

💡 Peer-to-peer feedback is an essential part of getting reps on-message quickly with effective, polished pitches.  With the brand-new “Share My Pitch” feature, reps can easily share their pitch with their peers and managers to solicit feedback.  Sharing pitches drives more engagement leading to rapid improvement and iteration.

✅ After a rep posts her pitch, she can share the pitch out to any other user in the system that has access to that pitch.

✅ An email notification is sent to the recipient of the shared pitch with a link directly to the pitch.

After posting a pitch, click the “Share My Pitch” button to share the pitch.
View a list of the users that you have previously shared your pitch with.


Self-Paced Scheduled Huddle Events⏱

💡 Scheduled Huddles have always allowed a Huddle’s host to assign their teams to content, but the host had to assign their team to the scheduled huddle with a due date.  With self-paced Huddle events, a host can assign a Huddle to their team and allow them to complete it at their own pace.

✅ Managers, Coaches, and Publishers can now assign their teams to Huddles without due dates.

✅ Reps can complete their training at their own pace, without being boxed into a timeline.

When scheduling a Huddle, select “Self-Paced” to schedule it without a due date.
Self-paced Huddles do not have a due date.


Live Event Module Reporting📆

💡 Report on the Live Events that you have added to the system in both our Export API and the Reports Builder.  Gain reporting insights into the following:

  • List out all of the Live Events in your instance with the Date, Time, and Link of each event.
  • Attendance of each Live Event.
  • User Completion % of the parent Huddle alongside the Live Event attendance.

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