SalesHood Release – February 2021

Welcome to the February 2020 release!  


The focus of this release is on two high-impact features in the platform:

  • Badging
  • Live Event Module within a Huddle

We’ve also included a few enhancements to our reporting engine over the past month.

Check out these changes in detail below.


Live Event Module📆

Live, instructor-led training is a critical part of the onboarding and training process.  However, managing to keep track of who attended which live training events can be a difficult task as organizations scale and the number of teams, reps, and events to keep track of grows.

Enter SalesHood’s new Live Event module!

💡 The Live Event Module allows enablement teams to include a Live Training Event in a Huddle, assign pre-work and post-work to the event, and keep a record of who actually showed up to the event.

Add a Live Event Module to a Huddle (With Pre-Work and Post-Work)

✅ Including a Live Event Module in a Huddle is simple.  When creating a new huddle or editing an existing one, there is a new option to “Include Live Event” in the Huddle’s “Overview” module.  

The Huddle options are located in the “Overview” module of an unpublished Huddle.

✅ When checked, a Live Event module will be added to the Huddle.  You can then add in pre-work and post-work modules to the Huddle.  Pre-work modules are meant to be completed before the event, while post-work modules are meant to be completed after the event.

Add pre-work modules before and post-work modules after the Live Event module.

✅ Before a Huddle with a Live Event Module can be published, the Name, Date, Start Time, and End Time of the live event must be filled out.  All other fields are optional.

Include any and all relevant details about your upcoming event.

✅ Live Event modules have a special option: “Post-work modules are available before the end of Live Event.”

  • By default, the participants of a huddle that includes a Live event module will not be able to access the post-work modules until after the end of the event. 
  • However, when the option is checked, the participants of the huddle will be able to access post-work modules before the end of the event.
Choose whether or not your users have to wait until after the event ends to access the event’s post-work modules.

Add Live Event to Calendar

💡 Connect the event to any calendar so no one misses out!

✅ Participants of a Huddle with a Live Event module can add the event (along with all of its details) to their Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar in a single click.

Click the calendar icons to add the event to your calendar.

Keep Track of Who Attended the Live Event

💡 Are you finding yourself lost in a mess of spreadsheets while trying to keep track of who attended which events?  The solution is here! The Live Event module automates the way that you keep track of event attendees.

✅ Add Attendees to a Live Event by clicking the “Add Attendees” button in the Live Event module (only available for Coaches and the Huddle Host).

Click the “Add Attendees” button to add attendees to the Live Event by file or manual upload.

✅ If you have a list of the attendees in a file, you can upload the file to automatically read in and match the names and emails from the file to Users in SalesHood.

Drag and drop the columns of the uploaded file to identify the Name and Email column.

✅ Users can also be added to the attendee list manually.

✅ Once you upload a file or enter a list of names or emails manually, you can review the system-generated matches to make sure that the correct users are added to the Attendee list.

Review the automatic matches before adding users to the Attendee list.

❗️At the time of this release, reporting on the Live Event Attendee list through our Export API and Reports Builder is not supported. This will be available a few weeks after the initial release.

Make Post-Work Optional for Users That Attended the Live Event 

💡 Post-work modules are meant to keep your team engaged after the conclusion of a live event.  However, it may not be necessary to have those that attended the event repeat some tasks after the event (such as watching a recording of an event).

✅ You can choose to exempt attendees of a live event from needing to complete any post-work module.  Do this by checking the option to automatically mark attendees of the live event as completed for the module.

Use this option to exclude users that attended the event from needing to complete this module.



Our last release introduced Badging to the SalesHood platform.  That was just the beginning.  We’ve added the following enhancements to SalesHood’s Badging system:

Huddles as Badge Criteria

💡 We’ve expanded the criteria of a badge beyond the Learning Path.  You can now add a standalone Huddle to the criteria of a badge. 

✅ When creating or editing a badge, simply select “Huddle” as the criteria type, then search for the Huddle you want to add.

✅ Both Open and Scheduled Huddles can be added.  Here’s how each Huddle type works as badge criteria:

  • Open Huddles – Once a user completes the open Huddle, the criteria will be considered “completed”.
  • Scheduled Huddles – Once a user completes any Huddle event in the scheduled Huddle, the criteria will be considered “completed”.
Select “Huddle” as the criteria type to add a Huddle to a badge’s criteria.

Include Multiple Criteria for a Badge

💡 Doesn’t it make sense to have badges with multiple criteria instead of limiting you to just choose one?  We thought so.

✅ Add multiple Huddles or Learning Paths to a badge by clicking the “Add 1 more” button when creating or editing a badge.  Users will have to complete ALL of the criteria to earn the badge.

Multiple programs can be added to the criteria of a badge.

Share Badge on LinkedIn

💡 The world deserves to see your accomplishments.  You can now share any badge that you have earned to your LinkedIn Profile (as long as the badge is marked as “External”).

✅ When creating or editing a badge, a coach can allow users to add the badge to their LinkedIn by toggling on the “External Badge” switch.

External badges can be shared on LinkedIn.

✅ Users can add a badge to their LinkedIn by clicking the “Add to Profile” button from the badge email notification or their profile in SalesHood.

Click “Add to Profile” to add a badge earned on SalesHood to your LinkedIn profile.

✅ A company admin can include their company’s LinkedIn Organization ID to streamline the process for their end-users to add a badge to LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Organization ID can be updated by a company admin user in the Company Settings.
Locate your LinkedIn Company ID.



Report on the users that have earned badges and when the badge was awarded in both the Export API and the Reports Builder.

Dynamic Due Dates in Learning Path reports

Report on the due date of individual users in Learning Paths with dynamic due dates in both the Export API and the Reports Builder.

Average Video Watch Time Per User by Month

For any User/Group/Team/Segment, report on the average video watch time broken down by month, quarter, or year in the Reports Builder.

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