SalesHood Release – December 2020

Welcome to the December 2020 Release!  We have just released the following features that will help scale your enablement efforts:

  • Badging
  • French Language Support
  • Location-Based Breadcrumb Trail
  • Showcase the description of library content
  • Default Program Privacy



SalesHood Badging is here!  Badges are a great way to track and validate the skills, competencies, and certifications that the members of your sales team have earned throughout their Sales training.

Badge Management

The new Badge Management page is the central hub that allows Coaches to create and manage all of the badges in a company’s hood.  Creating badges is a simple process where Coaches can fully customize every aspect of a badge.  With the ability to create badges that are awarded once a user completes a specific Learning Path, Coaches can create a gamified experience that motivates all learners to complete their assigned training.

Key Points:

  • Access to Badge Management is limited to Coaches only.
  • Quickly and easily create badges by giving the badge a Title, Image, Description, and Criteria.
  • The criteria of a badge can be the completion of any Learning Path.
  • View any badge’s details as well as the list of users who have earned the badge.
  • Edit a badge and its criteria to ensure certifications are kept 100% up-to-date.
  • Deactivate an outdated badge to prevent users from earning it in the future.
To access the Badge Management page, click “Badges” in the hamburger menu.

Earn a Badge

Any user can earn badges by completing milestones in their training on SalesHood.  As soon as the user completes the Learning Path that is the criteria of a badge, they will automatically be awarded the badge.  Badges that users have earned are showcased directly on the user’s profile so that the achievements and growth of a user are showcased for all to see.

Key Points:

  • Badges will be automatically awarded to a user as soon as the user completes the criteria of the badge.
  • When a user is awarded a badge, both the user and the user’s manager will receive an email notification.
  • Each of the badges that a user has earned will be displayed on the user’s profile so that the progress and achievements of the user are highlighted.

French Language

We are proud to announce that SalesHood is now localized in the French language.  SalesHood users can choose between a native experience in either English or French from their Personal Settings.

Key Points:

  • All system-generated text in the platform is translated and localized in French.
  • User-generated content is not translated.
  • Easily switch languages in your Personal Settings.
  • Set a default company-wide language in the Company Settings.

Location-Based Breadcrumb Trail

Our breadcrumb trail in the app has been updated to show the exact Library location of the content that is currently being viewed.  With the new breadcrumb, users will always be able to identify exactly where content lives in their Hood’s Library.

Key Points:

  • The breadcrumb trail shows the location of all library content including files, links, videos, Huddles, and Learning Paths.
  • Users can easily identify where content lives within the hierarchy of the Library even if the content is accessed directly from a link.

Showcase the Description of Library Content

The description of files, videos, and links in the Library is now showcased front and center so that your users will not miss out on any valuable information or instructions.  We’ve stacked the “Information” and “Comments” tabs so that they are displayed as expandable sections.  The description of content is always displayed directly at the top.  This update has been made to Library content as well as the “Link or File” module within a Huddle.

Key Points:

  • The description of content is now immediately displayed to users when they are viewing the content.
  • Users will no longer miss important information that the description contains.
  • The “Information” and “Comments” tabs are now stacked and expandable.

Default Program Privacy

With the emergence of increasingly strict compliance rules such as GDPR, it is more important than ever to ensure that you can ensure the privacy of your users.  While we have offered private options in our programs for some time, content creators had to remember to check a box to ensure that the programs are private.  Now, the default privacy setting for all newly-created Huddles and Learning Paths can be controlled from a Hood’s Company Settings.

Key Points:

  • Minimize the risk of content creators publishing non-private programs that should be private by updating the default option for program privacy.
  • Company Admin users can change this setting in Company Settings > Advanced > Privacy.

New Settings UI

We have improved the UI of the settings so that a user’s personal settings are clearly separated from the instance-wide settings.

Key Points:

  • Personal Settings and Company Settings are now separated into 2 options in the hamburger menu.
  • Only Coaches and Company Admin users can access and update the “Company Settings”


Badging Support

Badging is live on the mobile app!  Receive mobile notifications for your accomplishments when you receive a badge using the SalesHood mobile app.  Badges can also be viewed on a user’s profile in the mobile app.

“Last Work”

When using the mobile app, you can now pick up exactly where you left off.  The “Last Work” section at the top of the homepage in the mobile app will give you quick access to the last program that you were working on.

Download Videos

Download any video directly to your mobile device for offline viewing.  The video will be saved to the “SalesHood” album in your device’s photo library.

User Profile

Users can now use the mobile app to view user profiles.  Check out the progress and accomplishments of other users in your Hood or edit your profile so that it is up-to-date.  You can also easily switch to PartnerHood instances if your account is connected to another Hood.

Huddle Improvements – Exercise Module

We’ve updated the UI for Exercise Modules in Huddles so that it is much easier to distinguish answers submitted by different users.

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