SalesHood Release – November 2020

Welcome to the November 2020 Release!  Over the course of the past month, we have made improvements to both the Coaching Dashboard and the Huddle.


Coaching Dashboard


It is now easier than ever to get to the Coaching Dashboard.  Simply click on the new Coaching Dashboard icon button displayed in the left navigation menu to access it.

Program Tracker

We have made two major improvements to the Program Tracker so that frontline managers can use it to keep track of all of their team’s assigned programs. First, the Program Tracker will now display all of the programs (with due dates) that any member of the team has been assigned to.  It no longer matters how members of the team have been assigned to a program.  In addition, the Program tracker will now display Learning Paths with dynamic due dates and recurring Huddles.

Key Points:

  • A program will be displayed in the Program Tracker if at least one team member is assigned to the program (regardless of how they were assigned).
  • Learning Paths with dynamic due dates are now displayed in the Program Tracker.
  • Recurring Huddles are also displayed in the Program Tracker.


We aimed to simplify the Assignments widget while also making it a bit more engaging.  The Assignments widget now shows all of the programs that your team is working on in just one tab, so there is no need to remember whether your team members were assigned individually or by a team assignment.  We also know that many of you have worked hard to create beautiful program artwork, so we wanted to showcase that artwork with a card view of all of the team’s programs.  In addition to that, you can quickly and easily locate just the program that you are looking for with the new search bar.

Key Points:

  • Simplified experience with all of the programs that the team is assigned to in one place.
  • Card view that showcases your beautiful program artwork.
  • Live search.
  • Learning Paths with dynamic due dates and recurring huddles are now displayed.

“Assign to Program” Button

The Coaching Dashboard has been purpose-built to make the coaching process more efficient for front-line managers.  Once a manager identifies an area of improvement for a rep or for their team, they need an easy way to deliver training materials to their team.  The new “Assign to Program” button on the Coaching Dashboard allows a manager to very quickly schedule or assign a program to the members of their team, further closing the loop on the coaching process.

Key Points:

  • Click the “Assign to Program” button to deliver learning content to your team without leaving the Coaching Dashboard.
  • Choose from existing Huddles and Learning Paths or schedule a new Huddle event for your team.


Manually Update User Completion

Ask and you shall receive!  We now offer the ability to mark a user as completed within a huddle.  This one has been a hot topic among many of our customers, and we are very excited to deliver this functionality to you all.

Key Points:

  • Click the “Admin” button above the leaderboard in a Huddle’s “Overview” module to manually update a user’s completion.

Edit a Huddle From Any Module

Previously, if you wanted to edit a huddle module, you had to click back to the “Overview” module to click the edit button, then click back to the module to make your desired changes.  Sound like a waste of time?  We thought so.  That’s why we have introduced the ability to edit a huddle from any module!

Key Points:

  • Click the edit button in the top right-hand corner of a huddle to edit the huddle from any module.
  • All “Publisher” buttons are now contained in the ellipsis button.


Download Video Transcripts

Interested in doing a deeper dive in your rep’s pitches?  Want to keep a record of the transcript to use as a sample talk track for the rest of the organization?  You can now download a copy of the transcripts of any video in SalesHood.

Key Points:

  • Download video transcripts in either .txt or in .vtt format.

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