SalesHood Release – October 2020

Welcome to the October 2020 Release!  Over the past few weeks, we have focused our efforts on improving and streamlining the coaching experience.


Coaching Dashboard

We would like to introduce the all new Coaching Dashboard!  With this new dashboard, Sales Managers and Coaches can easily keep track of their team’s learning programs, identify their top (and bottom) performers, and take action on their coaching duties.

This release introduces 4 brand new widgets that improve your coaching experience:

  • Program Tracker
  • Team Leaderboard
  • Team Videos
  • Team Assignment

Program Tracker

As teams and product suites grow, it can be difficult to keep track of the growing number of learning programs that a team is assigned.  The Program Tracker enables Sales Managers and Coaches to keep track of a team’s assigned programs.

Key Points:

  • Scheduled Learning Paths and scheduled Huddles that have been assigned to the Team or Group that is displayed on the Coaching Dashboard.
  • Each program is displayed as a card on a timeline that shows the program’s due date.  
  • Each program card shows the number of coaching tasks within the program that the Coach/Manager needs to complete.


When coaching a team, it is key for a Sales Manager to know how their team is doing with their training.  The Team Leaderboard offers Managers a tool to identify the reps on their team that are excelling in their training as well as those that may be falling behind.

Key Points:

  • Identify top performers & those falling behind by stack-ranking the reps on a Sales Team by their overall metrics or in one of 3 categories: Completion, Engagement, or Performance.
  • Easily identify the number of coaching tasks that need to be completed for each rep on the team and take action on those tasks.

Team Videos

Want to quickly pull up that amazing pitch that a member of your team uploaded last quarter but can’t remember exactly where it was uploaded to?  The Team Videos widget is your quick-access repository of all of the Pitches, Stories, and Deal Wins that your team has posted.

Key Points:

  • Easy access to all of the Pitches, Stories, and Deal WIns that the team has posted.
  • One click navigation to the video on the platform.
  • Search & filter to find the video you are looking for.

Team Assignment

It can be quite the challenge to keep track of which programs the reps on a team have been assigned to and completed.  The Team Assignment widget gives Coaches and Managers a simple list of the learning programs that have been assigned to the members of their team.

Key Points:

  • Comprehensive list of all of the Learning Paths and Huddles that have been assigned to the members of the Team or Group.
  • At-a-glance completion and performance metrics specific to the team.
  • Quick access to take action on coaching tasks.

Coaching Activities Panel

When new learning programs are rolled out to teams, the list of coaching tasks that need to be completed can build up quickly.  SalesHood’s new and improved Coaching Activities Panel provides organization for the list of coaching tasks that a Manager or Coach needs to complete.  Less time sorting through a list of tasks means more time for coaching and selling.

Key Points:

  • Organized list of all coaching activities.
  • One-click navigation to take action on tasks that need to be completed.
  • Stack coaching tasks into groupings by Program, User, or Team/Group.
  • Search and Filter to find specific tasks of interest.

In-Line Coaching

SalesHood’s users can now leave time-stamped coaching comments on all videos in the system.  Timestamping comments allows users to pinpoint their feedback to specific moments in the video.

Key Points:

  • Time-stamped comments can be left on Pitches, Videos, Deal Wins, and Stories giving users the ability to pinpoint their comments.
  • Clicking a timestamp in a comment will play video starting at the moment of the timestamp.
  • To leave a timestamp, simply type a time into the comment in the form of mm:ss.


Toggle Metrics in the Huddle Activity Leaderboard

In some scenarios, it may not be necessary to display completion metrics in the Activity Leaderboard of a Huddle.  Coaches can now choose which metrics, if any, are displayed in the Activity Leaderboard.

Key Points:

  • Coaches can choose which metrics are displayed in the Activity Leaderboard in a Huddle’s “Overview” module.
  • To toggle the activities on or off, click the filter icon at the top of the leaderboard to open the “Activity View Settings”.

Learning Path

Report – Huddle Completion by User

Looking for more insights into how your users are progressing through a path?  Our new Huddle completion report in the Learning Path “Reports” module delivers insights into the completion percentage of the users in a path by Huddle.

Key Points:

  • View the completion percentage of each participant in the learning path by Huddle.
  • The Huddles in the report are displayed in the order that they appear in the path.
  • Export the report as a CSV file for external reporting and tracking.



  • Support iPad in full screen
  • Watch video in-line from the notifications screen
  • Support in-line coaching
  • Improve error handling for deleted or unauthorized content.
  • Improve app stability


  • Watch video in-line from the notifications screen
  • Support in-line coaching
  • Improve error handling for deleted or unauthorized content.
  • Improve app stability

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