Saleshood Release – August 2020

Hello, Hoodies!  We would like to thank each of you for all your great feedback as you help us build a better experience. We have some great features coming up in this release that are dedicated to improving the experience of your library, testing, and pitch modules.

Here’s what’s new in this release in the web browser and mobile:

  1. Dynamic Due Dates
  2. Archive Library Objects
  3. Automated Program Exclusion
  4. Test Module Improvements
  5. Pitch Module Improvements

Notice: We have planned a scheduled downtime from 2:00 AM PST to 2:30 AM PST on August 26th, 2020.  During this brief interval, all SalesHood users will not be able to use the system.  This downtime is necessary to deliver you this exciting new release.  Please plan accordingly, and we appreciate your understanding.

Web Browser

Dynamic Due Dates

This improvement introduces Dynamic Due Dates for Learning Paths. Before this release, Coaches were required to clone a Learning Path and schedule a static due date for each cohort of new hires.  This due date could not be changed for different cohorts in the learning path without updating the due date for all Learners in the path.

With Dynamic Due Dates:

  • Coaches can set the duration of the training programs that they create or manage.
  • The due date of the Learning Path is dynamically set for each Learner according to the date it is assigned and the path’s duration.
  • Each cohort of Learners can have its own unique due date within the same Learning Path.

Have a new cohort coming in?

  • Set Learning Path to Dynamic.
  • Set Due Date to the number of days the program is expected to take.
  • Add Learners.

What exactly is a Learning Path?

Learn more about Learning Paths

Archive Library Material

Many of our customers have libraries that contain outdated, but valuable content.  The outdated content serves as a useful tool for Coaches when building programs and content, but does not provide much value to LearnersCoaches needed a tool to manage outdated content while hiding from users.

With the ability to Archive Library Objects:

  • Coaches can manage and reference outdated content while hiding it from Learners.  
  • Learners can now focus on the most recent and up-to-date content.
  • The content and completion data of Learners in programs is maintained when content is updated.

Looking to clean up the library?

  • Choose a library asset (Learning Path, Huddle Template, files  and categories).
  • Archive it from edit dropdown.
  • Toggle “Show Archived” on or off.
  • Easily archive any Category, Learning Path, Huddle, or file by clicking “Archive” in the edit dropdown.

It’s that simple…

Choose to display archived content so you can focus on the most up-to-date content without losing any precious data.

Want to take a deeper dive into the Library?

Learn more about our Library

Automated Program Exclusion (For New Users)

Before this release, new users who are part of segments/groups/teams were automatically added to their old programs. In many cases, these programs are not relevant to the new users and filled their homepage’s To Do list with unnecessary tasks.

With this improvement:

  • When a Coach adds new Learners to a segment/group/team, the participants will be excluded from all old programs by default.
  • Coaches and hosts now have the flexibility to manage the participants included in a program by segment/group/team.
  • Coaches have control over who gets included in each program.
  • Learners can focus on the programs that will contribute to their success.

How does it work?

When importing users:

When users are being imported there is an instance-level option for admins to turn the feature on or off in a new advance tab under settings.

ON: New logic will apply and newly imported users will be excluded from all previous programs.

OFF:Old logic will apply and all imported users will be included in all previous programs

When editing users:

  • Go to any Learning Path’s Overview page.
  • In the leaderboard, click on the edit button of any Segment/Team/Group.
  • Freely exclude/include any user in the group.
  • It will only apply to that particular Learning Path.

Interested in finding out more?

Learn more about assigning content to users

Test Admin Improvements

This release introduces 3 improvements regarding our testing modules to improve the experience for both Coaches and Learners:

  1. Extra Testing Attempts
  2. Passed or Failed Indicator
  3. Test Grading Indicator

Extra Testing Attempts: 

We recognize that different Learners learn in different ways and at various paces.  Previously, Coaches had no way of allowing specific Learners extra attempts on a test.

With this improvement:

  • Coaches can provide extra testing attempts to participants.

As a Coach, you can allow extra testing attempts by:

  • Go into a test module
  • Click on a participant 
  • Provide extra attempts under the participant’s score

Test Grading Indicator & Pass/Fail Indicator: 

Previously, there was some confusion for Coaches surrounding tests and the grading process.  It was unclear when tests needed to be graded and whether or not a Learner had passed a test. 

With the addition of these indicators:

  • Coaches have better visibility into their grading action items.
  • Coaches can easily see who passed or failed a test with a quick glance at the leaderboard.

Where are these indicators?

  •  The Pass/Fail Indicator can be found in the “Test Summary” section of a Huddle’s Test module.
  • The Test Grading Indicator can be found in the “Overview” section of a Huddle.

Find out more about Tests here:

Learn more about setting up Tests

Pitch Scorecard Improvements

Formerly, scorecards in the “Pitch” module of a Huddle were unable to display long text when labeling criteria.  They were also limited to 8 criteria for Coaches and Managers to judge a pitch.  Improvements to the “Pitch” module have been included in this release to solve these issues.

How have Pitch Scorecards been improved?

  • If labels for scorecard criteria are long, they will be displayed without being cut off.
  • There is no longer a limit to the number of criteria that can be included in a scorecard.

What’s a Pitch?

Learn more about our Pitches


Archive in Mobile

Our Coaches can use the archive feature to display or hide content straight from their mobile devices so Learners can focus on the most up to date content!

Do you want to display or hide archive content from your mobile device?

  • Open the Library in the SalesHood app.
  • Open filter feature.
  • Toggle off showing Archived material.

Video Transcription

We know how important it is for Learners to have access to training content wherever they go.  We’ve continued to improve our mobile video offering by adding transcription to videos on our mobile app so that you can enjoy the same great SalesHood experience on the go!

To view a video’s transcription in the mobile app:

  •  Open any video on mobile
  • Click on transcription button left of settings breadcrumbs

Please note that mobile releases have a 1 – 2 day delay because of Apple Appstore review process

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