Saleshood Release – July 2020

Hello, Hoodies! Welcome to our July Release which is focused on top feature requests and ideas from you. Thank you. Many of the feature improvements are focused on improving how we communicate with our learners and how we manage content in the Library. 

Here’s what’s new in this release: 

  1. Dynamic Due Reminders In Learning Paths
  2. Group/Segment/Team Notifications
  3. Mass Tagging of Folders/Subfolders In The Library
  4. Trash Category
  5. Correlation Analysis
  6. Mobile Usability Improvements

Web Browser

Dynamic Due Date Reminders in Learning Path

Some of our Coaches have many cohorts of participants coming into some of their most effective Learning Paths at different times and have no way of setting dynamic reminders for them. We have now introduced the ability to arrange dynamic reminders as new cohorts of Learners are added to a Learning Path, Coaches will have the ability to set due dates, adjust their reminders and more effectively nudge participants to complete events.

A new cohort of Learners coming in?

  • Set reminders to start at Join Date so new cohorts start getting reminders as they join a Learning Path
  • Set the Frequency of reminders from Daily, Weekly to a custom cadence
  • Set up Reminder Duration for how long do you want to keep reminding your cohort

Learn more about reminders

Email for Group/Segment/Team in Learning Paths

Coaches and Managers sometimes have several teams, groups, and segments within a single Learning Path. When new content is added, they don’t necessarily want to notify all Learners in the Learning Path. Now Coaches have more control over who they notify, we have introduced the ability to email Learners within a Learning Path by group, segment, and team so communications are more targeted and the right people can be notified. We have also made it easier for Managers and Coaches to customize their emails by adding links to their most recent events and the ability to edit the subject line.

Learn more about our “Email Participants” feature.


External Facing Tag Improvement

Many of our customers use our library to manage content that is ready for Sellers to share with their prospects, the current library had some limitations in tagging imported content as “External Facing” and having those tags apply to all the files within those folders. We have made improvements to our library so now all imported folders can be tagged as “External Facing” and also give Coaches the ability to add bulk tagging for all files in the folder as well.

Learn more about our Library features

New Trash Category in Library

Remember that one time when you mistakenly deleted some content and you couldn’t retrieve it right away? You had to submit a ticket to Support and then wait 24 hours for you to get it back? Well, those days are long gone, now you will finally have the ability to turn a 24 hour wait time into seconds with our new Trash Category in the Library. Retrieving your deleted content is just as easy as deleting it, you’ll never know it even happened. Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that bring the greatest joy to our lives, and this time around is the Trash Category.

Salesforce/Saleshood Web-Tab

There was a time where our Sellers had a success story to share and their workflow had to be interrupted to go out of Salesforce and into Saleshood to share their success. Well not anymore, now we have added the ability for Sellers to share their best stories right from the Saleshood Web Tab in Salesforce.

Recording in Salesforce Is Now Just As Easy As in SalesHood

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Click on the SalesHood Tab
  3. Click Record Story
  4. The recorder pops up and you can record a video, video over the screen or just screen

Learn about or Salesforce Web-Tab

Correlation Analysis with PowerBI Tool

Here at Saleshood, we are dedicated to helping our customers be successful and correlate training to revenue outcomes. We are proud to announce the Beta release of our Correlation Analysis using our commercialized Export API which will allow you to visualize, trend, benchmark, and correlate all enablement activity to sales performance data. We are currently testing with Power BI Tool and we will start adding more tools like Tableau and Domo in the future. If you would like to be a part of our beta testing please contact our Support team for details.


Filter for Deal Wins vs. Stories vs. Recognition

Now Learners will have the ability to filter for “Stories”, “Deal Win” or “Recognition” in the stories tab in mobile.

Trash Category

We have added the ability to have View Only of the Trash Folder on Mobile as well!

We have also added some additional fixes for mobile stability issues.

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to talk please reach out to anytime.

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