Saleshood Release – May 2020

Welcome to the next iteration of our platform Hoodies! We are working non-stop to deliver to you and your teams feature improvements, making your workflow easier in these remote times. Our May release is based on your feedback and feature requests. Please keep the feedback coming. We appreciate your feedback and ideas. Watch for another wave of your feature requests coming in early July.


New Updates to Learning Paths

We are rolling out some new functionality in our Learning Paths that allows content creators to add some new content without having to lose important reporting metrics. As you add new content to existing Learning Paths you have better control of the data you want to keep as you prepare for new cohorts of learners coming in.

Control Over Participant Data When Updating a Learning Path

We just released new “Learning” functionality giving content publishers the ability to add new content without losing reporting data. When new Huddles, Files, or Events are added to a Learning Path, you control if you want to keep the completion data or not.

Adding Existing Huddles Into Paths Without Resetting Completion

Now you have the ability to add existing Huddles into a Learning Path and be able to keep the completion data of the Huddle for the participants that are in the program. We know data from learners is very important, bring with you important pieces of data like submissions, comments, likes, and views.

@ Mention Groups, Segments, Teams

We just made learning, coaching, and selling easier. Coaches and managers can use the new @mention people and @mention groups feature to communicate and coach for effectively. Sellers can also @mention their peers to enable better knowledge sharing. We’re excited to make it easier to share great content and stories in SalesHood.

@ Mention Mobile!

We have introduced the new @ Mention Groups, Segments, Teams for mobile as well, so your workflow is more efficient on the go.

@ Mentions for Group, Segment, Team in comment section

Secondary Manager Notification Control

Learners have different levels of management overseeing training. Some managers want more visibility on every action Learners take and some don’t. Now secondary managers have control of the notifications they get from participants in Huddles and Learning Paths by choosing to opt-in or out of those communications.

Admin Tab Navigation

If you have hundreds of participants in a given Learning Path you are probably having a hard time scrolling through participants and clicking through Huddles. Well not anymore, we have improved the navigation of the admin tab so managers and coaches have greater visibility and navigation while updating participants in Learning Paths. We have frozen the header row and added horizontal scrolling for Huddles.

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to talk please reach out to anytime.

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