SalesHood Release – April 2020

Hello, Hoodies! We hope you’re staying safe and healthy in these tough times by practicing social distancing and supporting your family and friends. We want to let you know that SalesHood is in full force working hard to bring you the best possible experience to keep you and your teams as productive as ever. 



One of the hottest parts of our new UI is here! Content managers out there rejoice, our new UI revamp is dedicated to search, making it easier for you to look for your files with a more intuitive search functionality and better search results.

Here are the updates:

  1. Drop Down Advanced Search: Start filtering from the search bar so it takes you to the right place quicker
  2. New Advanced Search Page: New intuitive layout minimizes the number of clicks it takes you to get to your content with a side drop-down library 
  3. Views: Edit your views so it displays the content as you want it to be displayed

Improved Search Results

It is even easier to search for your content straight from the search bar.

  1. Search for Categories: Now you can search for categories and sub-categories within the search bar
  2. Recently Visited: When you click in the search bar you will have all types of content pop up so you can access recent content easier

Home Page

Content creators rejoice!

Last Work

Now you can get back from where you left off by quick access to the programs you were working on before you left your desk, no more scavenging around for your last masterpiece in Huddle Publisher.


A couple of great improvements to our Huddles

Now you can select URL materials from the library into the link module for an easier workflow

Replace Videos

Are you looking to update the video content in your Huddles without affecting the completion data of previous participants? Well, you are in luck because we have now added that functionality! You can update videos in Huddles now with the option or resetting participants’ completion data or keeping the completion and allowing new users to view the most updated content.

Next Pitch Review

With this new feature, our learners can review pitches easier by jumping into the next review and keep providing constructive feedback.


Improvements that will help you get organized better!

Move Categories and Sub-Categories

Be more organized by moving your content around in our library, now you can easily move categories and sub-categories, so your library doesn’t look like it’s been quarantined for a month.


Many of the great new search functionalities in the web app will be passed down to mobile.

  1. Search for learning paths
  2. Display content type in recently visited
  3. Category search results

External Tagging

You can filter your external of internal-facing content right from your mobile.

Closed Caption

We have added closed caption functionality for video and audio files.

Please note that mobile releases have a 1 – 2 day delay because of Apple Appstore review process

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to talk please reach out to anytime.

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