SalesHood Release – March 2020

Welcome to the March release! This is jam-packed with new UI on web and mobile, customer-requested features, and general improvements in user management and huddles.



We are all very excited to share with everyone the new UI coming this release. This is just the beginning of a full redesign of our platform from the ground up, in the following releases find newly redesigned pages and experiences tailored to make your SalesHood journey even better.

New User Profile

We dramatically improved our user profile, here are some updates:

  1. Fullscreen (edge to edge use for more information)
  2. Learning tab is everything the user is doing, done, hosting, and bookmarked.
  3. Activity history tab shows top tasks the user has recently done.
  4. Statistics tab shows high-level information like login and video watching time.

The profile was redesigned with rep and manager perspective in mind. Reps can see how each other are doing and what they are saving to their homepage to learn tips. Managers can see what reps are up to with history of tasks and what is actively being worked on.

There is so much amazing things packed into the user profile, take a look for yourself and share feedback at

New Nav Bar

Our navigation has improved from a top to left navigation bar, giving a modern feel and more space for your content in the center. At the bottom of the bar you will find the help icon, hamburger (for mangers and above), and access to your accounts.


We also updated the design of our coaching activities, content creator, search results dropdown, error pages, and even included a brand new onboarding tour for everyone. Let us know what you think at

Huddle Improvements

This functionality got caught up in our release train, will be coming soon!

Recently we released the ability to add a link as a separate module for huddle learning. This allowed publishers to share information outside of SalesHood without having the learner leave the page or huddle and measure completion of it.

We expanded this further to include files! Now you can bring in synced or uploaded files from the library (or directly upload in the module) for learners to participate in. Similar to links, these files are marked as completed once viewed within the module.

Sync video time between web and mobile

Added more places where we sync video location between web and mobile, so you can easily start watching from the point you left off. No longer will you need to scrub a video to return to the last watched location.

@mentions in descriptions/comments

Now you can @mention people (you have access to the huddle) within descriptions, submissions, and comments in the huddle. Adding mentions in descriptions:

User receives a notification each time the description is modified then saved.

Adding mentions in submissions:

Users receive notifications after submitting.

Create Huddle in Path

Based on customer feedback, we are adding the ability to create a huddle directly into a path. This reduces the number of steps needed to fill in your path with new huddles.

Select the + then “New Huddle”, add the necessary information.

You then enter the huddle in an unpublished state, however, once it is published the huddle will be in path location you created it from.

Randomize test questions

Reps memorizing the order of answers? As a manager, want to make tests more difficult? Now you can randomize each test attempt.

Within the test module, select the “Random Test” checkbox then done! This can be unchecked at any time.

Now every test attempt will display the questions in random order. Once the test responses are submitted, randomize is turned off until another attempt is made.

Change minimum score after publishing

Based on customer feedback, we improved the minimum score for tests so they can be changed after publishing the huddle. This allows you to update Pass/Fail for test-takers just by altering the score.

To do this, simply update the score then publish the huddle!

After the score is updated, all test submissions will be reflected as newly Pass/Fail. For example, if someone scored 70% with a minimum score of 80% they originally failed, yet after changing the minimum score to 60% they will pass.

Customize descriptions (Bold/Italics/etc)

We expanded the ability to customize text throughout the text areas in the unpublished huddle. This will allow you to emphasize text to drive points and information.

Export exercise questions as csv

Based on customer feedback, we improved the PDF export for exercise questions to also export as csv. This allows you to run questions and answers within Excel for easier correlation of rep data.

Select the “Export Questions” then “csv”.

User Management Improvements

Re-activate Users

Based on customer feedback, we added the ability to re-activate users who have been previously de-activated within the last 30 days. No longer will you need to ask support to re-activate users if they were accidentally removed or etc.

To re-activate users go to the “Re-activate Users” button, a modal should appear with a list of users. Select “Re-activate” or search for the user you wish to bring back.

Once the user is re-activated their data should return as well.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Freeze name column in Manage Users

We froze the name column so when scrolling horizontally you won’t miss who you are looking while reviewing groups and segments of users.

Search in dropdowns in Manager Users

Added search into dropdowns to make it easier to find the managers, segments, and groups you want to modify for users.

Name highlighting when hovering in Manage Users

Improved hovering over names, groups, segments, and more within the “Manage Users” page to make it easier to see the information for that user.

Library Improvements

External only filter for Library

We made it easier for your reps to find what can be shared externally to prospects or customers, based on how files and categories are tagged. In the Library select the “External Only” switch and everything will automatically appear that can be shared.

The state of the switch is saved, so even if you leave the page and come back what you are filtering for remains unless reset.


UI Update for Path

We updated our Path UI on mobile, focusing on making it easier for learners to get back to where they left off.

External only filter for Library

Same functionality as on web, under the filter icon in the Library select “External Only” then all content in the mobile library will be filtered automatically.

Playback speed for videos

Add the ability to increase and decrease the playback speed for videos on mobile to improve the usability of videos for everyone.

Tap the video, then the “x1” icon to change the speed.

Social stats on Pinned

Added social stats within the Pinned section for files. This allows anyone to see what is going on with the file to become more engaged.

This feature got caught in the train, more information coming soon!

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to talk please reach out to anytime.

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