SalesHood Release – January 2020

Welcome to the January release! New year, more features, exciting roadmap. This release we focused mostly on backend work for some upcoming Q1-Q2 features, including some customer requests.


Huddle Improvements

Sync Video Module

Within the video module, we will sync your last watched location between the web and mobile. Thus, if you watch 50% of a video on web then leave to finish watching on your mobile device it will begin at 50%.

Huddle Email Reminders

We improved our exercise huddle emails to include any attached images or files.

Participation Update

Based on customer requests, we are improving how participation is handled when users are assigned via a team, group, or segment. Currently, when you assign to a huddle, if the participating user’s team, group, or segment changes they are removed from the program. This can cause their completion to be hidden within the program and reporting.

Now when an assigned user via a team, group, or segment is removed from one of those they will automatically be added as an individual to the program. This will prevent any hidden completion to occur for that user within the program or reporting.

True/False Question type

Added a new question type for the huddle Test module based on customer feedback. We plan to grow our question bank even more in the near future.

To create a True/False question, select under the “Question Type” dropdown “True/False Answer” then below should populate.

Fill in the question in the large text field then select the correct answer “True” or “False”.

Once you publish the huddle, it will appear as above. The user receives credit via the correct answer.

Homepage – Pinned Stats

When you pin a file to the homepage, it will show the rating, likes, and comment values for that file. If there are no values for the file, it will not appear.

Web Recorder Updates

To improve the quality and scalability of our web recorder, we are releasing various fixes and small improvements. Every location we support the recording of video or screen has received these updates.

We also updated the UI slightly to make it more modern and easier to use. To select a recording type click on “Camera” then the type “Screen” or “Overlay”. After which, selecting “Play” will begin the recording process, this will morph into a “Pause” button once recording. Lastly, select “Stop” to review the video before uploading.

Path Improvement

Mandatory Files

Based on customer feedback, you can now make a file within a path mandatory material for the participants to complete. To do this, go into the path, upload a file, then ensure the “Optional” checkbox is unchecked.

The user gets completion for the file once they enter and view it. You can also update any existing optional files within paths to be mandatory anytime following the same steps.

Manage Users – Exporting

To support our recently improved Multiple Managers functionalities, now when you export users from the “Manage Users” page it will include all managers of the user.


Huddle Improvements

Design Update

We made a huge change to the design of huddles on mobile, focusing on modern and intuitive use cases.

Starting from the top, you will see the artwork the huddle has, then # of views, bookmark, and share icons. Next, is the title of the huddle then your progress.

After the top section, within the body is a continuation button to start the huddle off, or go to where you left off after completing some. Below this displays any description and each module with their individual completion you have made.

Sharing Programs

From customer feedback, we are adding the ability to share a program directly from the SalesHood app to any app within your device. Simply select the “Share” icon and your system sharing will appear with a link to the viewing program.

Filters in the Library

Trying to find something based on a tag? Now you can select the “Filter” icon when in the Library to help narrow down what you are looking for.

Next select the tags you want to filter then “Apply” to see the updated results in the Library.

We hope this release has helped you in using SalesHood. If you have any questions or feedback please contact

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