SalesHood Release – November 2019

Welcome to the November Release! This release we focused on various improvements within the library and huddle for easier usage.



Remove and Re-Order questions after publishing

We improved the UX around exercise and tests questions, now after publishing your huddle these can be removed or re-ordered.

Though, if you remove a published question from an exercise or test the completion/particpation will be removed for all particpated users. We will warn you before this occurs to ensure its good to go.

Save text for test, comments, and exercises

We improved how text fields by supporting saved text for the followiong areas: exercise submissions, comments, essay test questions, sub-comments.

This will save any text inputted into that text field for later use. Please note, if you go onto another computer or mobile device the text will not be saved.


Custom thumbnails for 3rd party folders

Have folders pulled from one of our integrations like Google Drive or SharePoint? We added the ability to replace the blue folder icon with your own artwork/icon.

To do this, go into the library and hover over a 3rd party folder then select “Edit”, you will see above. Add your artwork/icon and it will be updated for everyone else! This way you can maintain branding across your platform with ease.

URL Improvments

This release we improved how URLs are handled within the library. Now when a url is added to the library, it will display a preview within the left panel. Here you can preview how the url will display to others within the library.

If your url cannot be previewed, select “Redirect Enabled” and it will show:

A “Continue” button will appear so users do not see a broken link. This can also be toggled on/off by going into the “Options” dropdown of the file then selecting “Redirect Enabled”.

Here is how a url will appear if it can be displayed:

Please note, urls vary if they can be displayed so be sure to test before submitting it to the library.

Shared Drives

This release we also expanded our Google Drive integration to include “Shared Drives” formerly known as “Team Drives”. To start using these drives, just go to “Google Drive” within the Universal Content Creator or Library and search for items.

You must be logged in an active session for “Shared Drives” content to appear in the search.


Fullscreen images

For exercise submission images, we now support fullscreen mode with zoom to make it easier to review what others have posted.

We know support selecting links in exercises so you can easily access that extended learning.

Updated exercise question/answer page

To help reduce navigation issues, we updated the exercise pages to include both question and answers for submissions. This allows for easier reviews of exercises on mobile.

Thanks for taking the time to read the release notes! Contact us at if you have any questions or issues.

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